‘Tis the Season

I was walking the dog through campus today when I overheard one student say to another, “Something’s got to give!”

It’s “that time” of year for students when papers are due and finals are looming.

It’s “that time” of the year for the rest of us too: holidays, travel, shopping, baking, and relating to extended family and other difficult people.

Something’s got to give!

When people say that, they’re usually at the end of their rope.  It’s a phrase that’s said with frustration at the lack of progress.  It’s said when a person is experiencing entropy.

Entropy is a measure of the disorder or randomness in a system.

Syntropy is the opposite of entropy.  It’s the feeling of increased creative flow and it results in the growth of a system or a society.

When chaos reigns, or when “something’s got to give” (like the time and energy drought at the end of a semester, or a fruitless day at the mall, or dealing with your mother-in-law) the way out, oddly enough, is to GIVE.

When “something’s got to give” it’s a sure sign that someone’s got to give.

Give help.

Give thanks.

Express gratitude.

The only effective way to counteract entropy and get back into the creative flow is to give.

The world is nothing but pure potential.  The world lacks nothing.  It is prosperity.  It is fullness.  It is, and has the potential for, everything. You just have to rig yourself up so that you can channel it.

I like the radio wave and tuner analogy.

Whenever I am feeling out of sorts, or whenever there is a lot of static, it means that my “tuner” needs to be adjusted.  (I always see myself as Ray Walston in My Favorite Martian here).

Two antennae sprout from my head and I tilt and turn and give and help and express gratitude –even in the midst of chaos — until I start receiving the good signal mojo again, the signal of creative flow.

The hardest time to give is when I feel empty, yet that’s the only time when it really, really works, and really, really counts.

The quickest way out of a state of entropy, a state of disorder and randomness and chaos is to express gratitude.  Period

Welcome to The Season of Giving.

(And hey.  Thanks for reading!)

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. I came, stumbling, to your site, seeking inspiration – desperately. I’ve been over-giving … and now you are causing me to ask: “do I really have MORE to give?” I feel gived-out right now. I will re-read this … and attempt to get re-tuned. Thanks for always helping!


  2. This post just makes me smile and smile. I love this and this is what truly is important instead of all the other stuff…I’m grateful to have met you and the wonderful yoga lessons you give us!


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