It’s “Go” Day

I have been working on a writing project that just can’t seem to launch.

Or, let me re-phrase that:

I have been working on a writing project that I can’t seem to launch.

Jennifer and I have been talking about it and she’s given me exercises to do.

Make a calendar.

Create tasks.

Break it up into manageable bites.

Plan a celebration for the end.

Today it started. Today I worked 3 hours on it. I am committed to 3 hours of intense, focused work every weekday. I am taking weekends and vacations off. The 3 hours-a-day might need to be scaled back to 2 hours, but for now I am going to work on building some “focus” muscle.

I will have a finished book by September 1st. I will have finished all the writing before we go to Rehoboth the first week of August. The month of August will be devoted to squiring it through Create Space.

I have calendar-ed it all out. I have created distraction strategies, and today I sat down in my Space Chair at 9 on the dot and wrote until noon.

I am going to use this blog to chronicle my trials and tribulations and the “meta” of what it means to commit to a writing project and see it all the way through to the end.

I want to “prove to the possum that it could be done.”

The working title of this book is called “Amp Your Vibe” and it describes a strategy for figuring out what you want to be when you grow up,– regardless of your age, –by creating projects that will maximize your full human potential.

Blogging about my process is part of my strategy for getting it done. My consistency muscle has been strengthened by blogging here every day, so I’m going to use it to get this damn project done –and shipped.

Don’t believe me, just watch.


Name It!

Yesterday on Facebook I posted that now that it is May, it’s time for a new Challenge. Someone commented: “Just name it.”

And I was thinking about this. I think I am being asked to say something like: “Yoga 5 days a week. No excuses!”

Maybe they want me to set up a Facebook accountability tool, like I did for my “Intro to Meditation” class a few months ago. (I challenged that group to meditate for 10 minutes a day for a month and they are still at it, months later.)

Maybe I could issue a dietary challenge: NO SUGAR IN MAY. But that might be too much, not to mention cruel.

Today on my way up to Wegmans I was listening to this Robert Greene interview again.  Greene wrote a great book called Mastery, and he was talking about people who say they don’t know what they want to do with their lives. He said you need to figure out what incentivizes you What do YOU want? And it can’t be about making money.

This is totally in line with my “Amp Your Vibe” process of having people list all the things they love and hate and then picking something off that list (the love list) and creating a streak around it.

For example, maybe you would like to write a novel, or dig a perennial garden, or travel to Bali, or learn the ukelele.

Maybe you want to play a respectable game of golf, or beat someone in chess, or learn to surf.

Maybe you want to do a tremendously difficult hike, like the Appalachian Trail, or grow prize winning roses, or get to your ideal weight.

Maybe a headstand or a handstand is on your list, or understanding the stock market enough to make some wise investments.

Maybe you want to learn to code and build an app, or a website. Maybe you dream of writing a popular blog.

YOU name it. Name your thing, then break it down into a 30 day start, commit, and go.

What could you do in the next 30 days that would bring you closer to your dream?

Here’s what I am going to do in May: I want to win the NaNo Badge on That will entail writing 50K words in a month. I also want to do a handstand some day, ideally by the end of the summer, so to that end I am committed to doing handstand prep poses during the “open practice’ sessions during May at the studio.

I don’t want to “Name it.” I want you to. Then I want to hold you to your highest vision of yourself. I would love to support you in whatever you want to do. If you need an accountability partner, I’ll do it. You want some words of encouragement from time to time, or some information? I’ll do it.

I want you to name it and claim it.

This is your one wild and precious life.