Time Challenged

I have been really time challenged lately due to this 30 Day Yoga Challenge I am running at my studio.  It’s so inspiring though!  I have a list, a backlog of stuff I will write about in May.  But this morning I found this on a Twitter and it is so wonderful I had to post it for the day’s inspiration.  I hope it embeds and doesn’t give me fits.

Here goes:

Getting through the April Yoga Challenge

Lots of people have been asking me:

How are you going to DO this??  How are you going to survive teaching 78 classes in 30 days??!!

I say: It’s about energy management.

I say: It’s about getting enough sleep.

I say: It’s not really that hard, I groove on the energy of it!

But it’s not really about any of that.

(shhh…  don’t tell, but you know how I am getting through April?  With these:


They’re like crack.  Don’t get started with them.  They’re a gateway drug.