I just got finished reading dooce’s blog account of her nightmare with trying to get her Maytag washer fixed. Dooce is what Seth Godin would call a “sneezer.”  Sneezers spread idea viruses.  Sneezers let people know when they like things, and when they don’t, and sneezers have A LOT OF INFLUENCE.  When they recommend a … Continue reading Sneezers


I love blogs. I read a lot of them too, and am inspired and blown away by them. On most of the blogs I read, I am what is known as a “lurker.”  I just read and never comment. I don’t know why, I just don’t.  But today I read a post and felt like … Continue reading Blogs

Core Rituals

Today was my 252nd day in a row of Holosync.  No misses. I think the act of doing something religiously, with discipline, every day changes you.  It’s this kind of persistence that we admire in athletes, and musicians, and writers who complete manuscripts.  We recognize (even if we don’t quite understand or feel it) what … Continue reading Core Rituals