Why Write

Take me, for example.  Not the best writer in the world.  A reluctant writer.  A shy writer, but I cannot seem to stop doing it. I have tons of journals in the basement; I am writing a book or trying to. I tried high school teaching once but couldn't stomach it.  I Teach yoga instead, … Continue reading Why Write


When we were in Colorado this summer, we stopped in Ward. There is a General Store in Ward, and inside the store (where, for some reason you weren't allowed to take pictures) there was a sign that said: "Hay. Did anybody see the fight on the corner Friday night? If you did,  Pete, the sheriff, … Continue reading Hay


I went to the gym last night after yoga to do my rowing. This was a mistake because the place was packed with students, and not only that, I forgot about the whole “proper footwear” thing, and was in my Mione's and my feet kept slipping out of the straps, which was annoying. The two … Continue reading Rowing