Happy Noticings

I’ve started a “Happy Noticings” section to my daily planner to keep me on the alert for things that please me during this season of drek.


I’ve been especially appreciating my shoes lately. Especially these Gore-tex trail runners from Brooks I got in the fall. They keep my feet warm and dry out on the trails with Stella. I wear them every day unless there’s deep snow. (They’re the pair on the right in the picture above.) I’ve splashed through muck and water and slush in them and my feet stay completely dry.

Love them


I also love the pair on the left, but sadly, I don’t think Adidas makes them anymore. They’re insulated boots that keep my feet super warm in snow. I don’t wear them in deep snow, and they don’t have terrific traction, but even still, I do love them and they look stylin’ to boot.. Bonus.

On dry days, for going out, or to-and-fro from the studio, I love my Allbirds. I have them in charcoal, black, and red. They’re made of wool and I can wear them with or without socks. They are coziest shoes I’ve ever owned. Stella chewed the laces on my new black ones the other day and I was NOT PLEASED. A few months ago a woman in the Verizon store asked me about them and I took them off in the middle of my iPhone transaction and let her try them on. I can get a little too excited about stuff I love.



Actually, just one blog. This one:


This is pen porn. And paper porn. And planner porn. When I first found it, I lost 2 hours in her archives on a day when I did not have 2 hours to lose.

If you love pens and stationary stores and notebooks and planners and pencils and ink, ohmygod.

I now follow her, but part of me is afraid to go into my Reader each day for fear she will have posted something new and I will be sucked down the rabbit hole again. Nobody should get this excited about pens.

Not a blog, but this article in the NYTimes made me so happy. It was so funny and so true and so wonderfully written I immediately went on Amazon to see if I could pre-order her next book, How to Raise A Reader, and did. Then while I was there, I also ordered her memoir, My Life With Bob. She’s the editor of the New York Times Book Review and this piece about boredom, and her advocacy for it, is terrific.

And it’s going to pair so well with the next book my book group is reading, At my suggestion we’re going with Cal Newport’s latest, Digital Minimalism. I haven’t started it yet, but I was a part of his Digital Declutter experiment last year. I blogged about it and gave a my weekly Recap HERE.

So those are a few things that have been making me happy this month. What has been lighting up your life? Please share! I so appreciate finding wonderful things, especially now, when winter seems like it will never end.

I Wish You Were Happier

I am the happiest person I know and I wish you were happier, too.

What I have been writing about here for the past 5 days is little pieces of my little book called A Project-Driven Life.

It’s aimed at you if you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, or how to put your time and talents to good use.

This is what worked for me.

A lot of people I run into these days aren’t all that happy. Most of them are either lost, bored, or confused.

I look at these people and think: Geez, you’re pretty amazing. You have so much to offer. You’re so smart and clever, yet you seem to be totally under-utilizing your talents and gifts and kind of wasting your life.

 This makes me sad.

I want to tell them: Look, why don’t you throw yourself into an interesting project, something that lights you up, something that when I ask you how you’ve been, you can’t wait to tell me about, instead of saying, “Aw, not much, just getting old and fat. You know.”


Life seems like a big pain in the ass to you, and the vibe you’re sending out just tripped my breaker. Your situation seems so avoidable and fix-able.

That’s why I am sharing my little system with you. I want you to be jazzed about something. I want you to have a little project going. I want you to stop being bored, and start feeling a little more amped about your life.

This system is what worked for me when I was lost and confused about what I should do with my life. Now I am never bored. Ever. I always have some crazy project going that jacks me up in the morning and focuses my energy.

I want that for you, too.

At first I thought I would make it into a little book and self-publish it, and I still might do that, but I felt weird and self-conscious about it.

Wasn’t I being a little arrogant? Who cares about me and my little projects? Maybe people are happy being bored. Who am I to say, “Here, try this. It worked for me.”?

So although I did a lot of work on it, wrote it all up and everything,  when it came time to putting it out there, I backed away.

Then I started this blogging streak. I haven’t missed a day posting here since February 18th which is almost 5 months now.

When you post every day, content starts to dry up really fast, unless, of course, you are writing what you had for lunch and taking a picture of it. But that’s lame.

Then it occurred to me that I could chunk out this little system of mine in consecutive blog posts and probably have something worthwhile to write about for at least a month, so that’s what you’ve been reading here since July 1st .

So, here’s where we are so far: I’ve talked about making and categorizing lists; learning how to meditate; and starting an exercise regimen, which I call “having a body practice” because I’m a yoga teacher and that’s how we talk.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about Streaking which is basically what I do with my whole life. I’m a professional Streaker.

But for tonight, I thought I’d take a moment and recap and explain what’s  going on here, and why.

I hope this is adding some value to your life, maybe even inspiring you a little.