Just a little “streak keeper” post

My eyelid is better. I think the culprit may be the moisturizing oil I use on my face. I love this stuff and I have been using it for well over a year now with great results, but I think it turned on me.

I tried not using it yesterday, and using the stuff I made myself instead.  Before bed, I put on the stuff I bought at the health food store yesterday.

It’s amazing how much better my eyelids look and feel today. Not completely healed, but close. I think I may have found the offending substance. *fingers crossed.*

The Yoga Challenge is now 3 days in. I taught both classes tonight and it was fun.

I have been thinking about will happen to this blog once my Lenten commitment ends the day after tomorrow. (Today is the 44th day in a row without a miss.)

I think I want to continue. One part of me likes the everyday commitment, whether I feel like it or not.

But another part of me wants a break and thinks posting 5 days a week would be plenty.

I’ll decide Monday. Any thoughts?

A Little Day

I woke up with my right eye totally puffed out and burning, and the left one trending in that same direction.

I am going crazy with this. I cannot figure it out. Why worse in the morning?

Then I went and trained with Vince. Sunjana was there training today, too. Sunjana works at the health food store in Wellsboro. I have been trying to hunt down dried calendula flowers without any luck. She said her health food store had them.

Vince decided to drive over with me after our workout.

It was a beautiful day. We listened to Twiddle, a band I had never heard of. We talked about the inevitability of change. We laughed a lot. I got my calendula flowers, and lunch, and a whole lot more at the Health Food Store.

I walked Boomer up to G’s field. Today was a game day and the field was festooned with flags and it was 60 degrees and sunny. I almost don’t know how to act when it is warmer. Is it safe to soften my face into the sun? Is is safe not to brace against weather? Where are my sunglasses?

G’s team split. I got to see the win. Yay

It is Day 2 of the April Yoga Challenge. I sat in the lounge and tried to write this post to no avail while Sandy taught the 5:30 class. Her students were all sweaty when they came out of the room.

I ate homemade chicken soup when I got home, and then watched a DVR’ed Survivor episode from this week.

I am now in day 8 of my detox from  sugar, alcohol, coffee, or eggs. I feel pretty good. I wish this stellar diet of mine would clear up my eye, though.

Now the day is over. I am heading to bed. It was a good day. A little ridiculous in spots, but isn’t everyday, in a way?