The Week In Review (in pictures because I am tired)

I am tired. It’s been a busy week.

Let me review.

Got up every morning to practice.


IMG_1689 (1)IMG_1688IMG_1690

The tulips opened


We helped Vince move and went to dinner afterwards.20150510_192726He shared his gluten free waffle recipe with me today.
IMG_1694And then I went to Corning for my foil and cut.

IMG_1695I stopped at Wegmans for the waffle ingredients and got back just in time for Happy Hour Yoga. Met G and Owen at Yorkholo for dinner afterwards. Had one beer.  I am blotto.

Good night.

Blessing the Space

There has been a frost warning the last 2 nights. I wore a jacket into the studio this morning and felt happy that I didn’t have any plans to go fishing today with G and her father. (Brrrrr….)

(As it turned out it was a beautiful day for fishing and they caught 5 trout.)

The studio was so warm and cozy this morning. And filled with sun. I took my spot under the skylight and did lots and lots of backbends. Not because I like backbends, or need backbends, but because I was entranced with the light raining on me from above.

Filtered light. Blue sky light. Early May light. The skylight is framed in white painted wood. The windows framed a perfect blue sky. It always reminds me of a lifeguard chair.

My mind suddenly flashed on a line from a John O’Donohue poem about “postponing dreams no longer” so when I’d had quite enough of backbending, I went and found it and copied it onto my mat:



I haven’t made my Divine Contract yet, but each day as I sit in meditation, I get closer to envisioning who might be waiting for my offering.

Back at home, alone, I set to cleaning and organizing my bedroom, with a heavy emphasis on culling my clothing. My guiding thoughts were: Am I going to look forward to seeing this thing when I pull it out next fall?  And, Kath, You wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time. Just keep the 20 percent you wear.

I culled ruthlessly. So proud of myself.

I also changed my bedding from the heavy velvet quilt, to the light, fluffy Zen-inspired duvet. I feel ready now. Ready for lilacs and viburnums and reading on the sunny deck.

Yeah, and I’ll bet money those trout will taste great done in foil on the grill.

Accountability Hacks

I want to start an Open Practice time in May at the studio. What I mean by “open practice” is that I will commit to being at the studio, Monday through Friday at 7 AM in May for an hour’s practice. I am not going to teach yoga on those mornings. I am going to do my own practice. But I am also going to invite others to join me and do their own practice. There will be no fee. A donation box, maybe, for people who want to give.

I will do at the studio exactly what I would do in my own yoga room here at home, except I am NOT doing my yoga here at home. What promising to show up  will do, is hold me accountable to my practice. It will also force me to go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier, and that is something I have been wanting to do for awhile but I just can’t seem to make happen.

If other people want to come and practice along with me, that will be great. But even if no one comes, and I practice alone, that will be great, too. It will be weird not to teach if other people show up, but that’s what Christine and I used to do. We’d both show up at the same time, work on our postures, then leave for our respective days. It was a nice way to practice. We were alone together.

One problem I foresee is lots of people not knowing how to practice. Most people want to practice but they don’t know what to DO. For those people  I would print out some of my favorite sequences for them to use to get started.

Today I spent some time organizing all the props. I ordered this shelf unit on wheels and it came the other day. G put it all together last night and I went in today and organized my inventory of blankets, bolsters and cushions.

Here’s what it looks like now.

Yoga storage

I am pleased.

A week from today the Challenge will be over. This month has flown. I will talk about the Challenge tomorrow.

Now, I must sleep.