In the week between Christmas and New Years I rented a little apartment in Ithaca, NY.  I needed a getaway: from Christmas, from busyness, from tired. I needed a retreat. But instead of booking myself into a fancy place like Kripalu, I tried a “self-guided” retreat this time, in a nearby city where I know … Continue reading Winterlude

Media Fast

I was talking to Emily the other day, and the conversation turned to what we are reading these days. Em always has a book or two going, and she was telling me that her employees are all voracious readers, too. When they are on break at work, they all sit and read. She loves that … Continue reading Media Fast

Accentuating The Postive. Eliminating The Negative

Today's Reverb10 prompt is: what do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing --and can you eliminate it. Of course the answer is: All my internet addictions: facebook, twitter, email, blog reading.  Sometimes I tell myself that the blog reading in particular gets my juices going, gets my mind thinking in bloggy … Continue reading Accentuating The Postive. Eliminating The Negative


When I was in grad school I had to read The Life of Johnson in one week.  The unabridged version. (It’s about 6 inches thick.) I set my alarm every day for 5 A.M and read until my eyes bled. And that was just for one class. I had equally extensive readings in two others. … Continue reading Reading