Hooked on Holosync: The Top 6 Reasons Why I Do Holosync

Lately, every time I Twitter or Facebook that I am going up to my space chair to Holosync, somebody writes, “Huh?  What’s Holosync?”  So this post will be my “answer.”

I’m not going to go into what Holosync is, though.  You can find out about it here.  Suffice it to say that it is a 21st Century way to meditate using brain wave technology.  You don’t meditate.  Holosync meditates you.

I have been doing it now for the past 158 days without a miss.  That’s 22 and a half weeks, or over 5 months.  Here’s what keeps me coming back:

1.  It’s Pleasurable

I actually look forward to this hour each day.  I like the ritual putting on of the headphones, the settling back into the chair, the closing of the eyes in preparation for float-off.  The sound of the rain and the chimes instantly deepens my breath and relaxes my muscles.  Ahhhh….

2.  It’s Error-Free

I don’t worry about doing it “right” mainly because there is no “doing it” at all.  Holosync “does” it.  Even if I sit for that hour and do the forbidden “thinking” i.e. problem-solving or planning my future, that’s okay.  Holosync is still working in the background. It’s kind of like a Roomba for your mind.

3.  There’s a Reliable Anchor.

Holosync is the anchor.  In a traditional meditation practice, you decide on an anchor (the breath or a mantra) and keep coming back to it when your mind wanders.  With Holosync, the rain is the anchor.  You can say a mantra if you want, or count your breaths, but what for?  There’s really no need.  Whenever you get bored of your thoughts, you can just focus on the rain and how wonderful it is to be sitting in this peaceful place listening to it.  Back in my medieval meditation days, I’d sometimes feel my anchor wasn’t working and switch in the middle of the meditation.  Then I’d spend the rest of the hour beating myself up about never being able to stick with an anchor.  With Holosync, there’s just the rain. It’s always there.  It’s comforting, constant, and easy.

4.  Falling Asleep is Not a Sin.

There is no “sin” with Holosync.  Whatever happens is OK.  I do find that if I’m able to stay alert and “with it” during the hour though, the effect is more lasting and powerful.  But even if I happen to Holo-snooze, rather than Holo-sync, it’s the most nourishing kind of rest—like falling asleep in savasana. And no robed guy with a stick ever comes up behind me and whacks me on the back.

5.  It’s Comfortable

I can do it in a comfy chair, or lying in a chaise lounge on my deck, or in bed with a lavender-scented eye bag over my eyes.  No lumpy cushion, no staring at a white wall, no legs falling asleep, no aching hips.  Best of all, no mental struggle about whether or not I should cave and scratch that itch in my armpit.  (Good god, I have suffered so much in drafty rooms with dead feet and the need to pee.  I am so very done with all that.)

6.  Something is Happening

Just like after a traditional meditation session, some days after my Holosync session I feel amazing, some days I feel nothing, some days I feel cranky.  For a while I wondered if all this “brain wave technology” stuff was just a lot of hooey.  What if it turned out that it was totally fake, and nothing was going on in my brain, and I had been sold a bill of goods?

You know what?  I’d still do it.  Because this hour I have been spending for the past 158 days makes me feel so balanced, rested, creative, sorted out, peaceful and energized that it’s like pushing the “re-set” button at the bowling alley.  The sweeper thing comes through, gets rid of the mess, then sets up the pins again in nice symmetrical rows, ready for the next roll of the ball.  It’s “meditative” without all the pain and suffering of “meditation.”  As I told a friend recently, “Why walk to California when you can fly? Why do it the hard way when you can get to the same place easier and faster?”

(This next part will only make sense to Holosync users.)

Holosync Levels

As I go through the levels (I am now on Awakening Level 1, Disc 2) I am noticing that when I first start a level, I fall asleep.  Then, a few weeks in, I can actually stay alert for the whole hour.

With each new level, there is always that initial falling asleep stage (Holo-snooze), then an increasing ability to hang with it.  I am now 5 days into this new level and I can stay awake for most of the Dive, but this new level of Immersion is really konking me out pretty good.

I fully expect by the end of the 6 weeks on this level though, I will be able to stay alert through the whole thing and then be ready for the challenge of the next level.

As I am able to sustain alertness in these ever deepening levels, I feel that it’s increasing my ability to stay alert to more subtler states of awareness  in my life. I  notice more, and seem to be more present even when doing  familiar and monotonous routines that I would normally do on autopilot (like the dishes, or cleaning out the cat box.)  I think I like living this kind of life where things are not done in a zombie-like, slurred-over mode, you know?

That’s why I do Holosync.

5 thoughts on “Hooked on Holosync: The Top 6 Reasons Why I Do Holosync

  1. I was one of the people saying “huh? what’s Holosync?” so I googled it and requested my introductory CD. It came in the mail yesterday and I look forward to having time to check it out. It sounds very intriguing!


    1. Hey Pam,
      I never got the Intro cd, I just jumped right in and bought the program on a rec from a friend. Someone told me that the intro cd really wasn’t that good, that it didn’t represent the real experience. So if you find yourself going, “eh,” just know that it might not be representative of the Awakening Prologue.


  2. Hah, how I “turn out” indeed!! Reminds me of when my mother-in-law told me I really needed to try making a brisket one day. I told her, “Uh, I’ll wait and see how yours turns out first.”

    (it was damn good)


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