A Berry Deep Meditation

murphys blueberry farm

Murphy’s Blueberry Farm is one of the prettiest places around here.  The view is draw-dropping and the picking, superb.

Today I went for my last picking of the season, as the farm will close for the season next weekend.

Late berries are the sweetest, and I was born to pick.

I love searching the bushes, testing each berry for ripeness with a small tug.

I become absorbed, obsessed almost, the berries becoming the anchor for a deep meditative state.  It’s what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls the “flow state” –a thorough absorption in the task.

It is a berry deep place.

An hour later, when I “came to,”my bucket was heavy with fruit, and my heart was light.

Tomorrow, pie.

10 thoughts on “A Berry Deep Meditation

  1. I love to pick berries at Murphy’s!!! Going with a friend leads to some great conversations but going alone is equally enjoyable. Last week, after spending much too much time with family medical issues and adoption complications, I took myself to the blueberry patch and picked for a long time. It was late afternoon, quiet, peaceful and exactly what my soul needed.



  2. LOVELY! I didn’t get around to picking blueberries this summer (wwwaaaaa) (I thought about this when I read your “summer list” & decided it’s definitely a must-do for next summer!) WHERE is Murphy’s Blueberry Farm?? Looks gorgeous!!! I must go!!!


    1. It’s up on Mulberry Hill, right off Rte 6. If you are traveling West on 6 towards Wellsboro, the turn is right after the ramp for the new 15 bypass (a left). There is a sign with (what else?) a blueberry on it! Follow the signs, it’s well marked.


  3. I pick blueberries at Wetherbee’s in Stonyfork, and the view is just as amazing! I too enjoy picking “solo”, and find it rather meditative. Sometimes I find myself wanting to go more for the solitude than actually wanting the blueberries!


    1. And I find the dishes that I make from these berries to be much more satisfying than dishes made from store-bought berries, or even fresh-picked berries that weren’t picked by me.


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