Life Changing Books

The War of Art

I finished The War of Art by Steven Pressfield today.  It’s already entered my pantheon of Life Changing Books.  I will probably sit down and re-read it again this week.  Then I will re-read it again.

And again.

That’s how much I resonated with it.

That’s how much it spoke to me, called me out, named me personally.  Steven Pressfield  spoke to me.  He said, “Kath, I’m talkin’ to YOU here.  You payin’ attention?  Sure?  ‘Cause this is your precise problem. (Resistance.) Good girl. Underline that last paragraph.  Dog ear this page. Memorize this sentence. And if you ever get a tattoo? Tat this on your forearm”

You ever read a book like that?  One that was written just for you?  One that named your biggest problem (for me, resistance) and then told you why, and more importantly how you must go to battle against that demon every single day?

Have you ever had a book tell you that you must now live differently from this day forward? And the way you must live from this day forward is completely different from how you’ve been living up until now?

Up until now I have been living and operating like an amateur.  Tomorrow, I turn Pro.

I will try to explain what that means tomorrow, or you can just order the book anad read for yourself.

Beware though.  You may have to turn Pro, too.

4 thoughts on “Life Changing Books

  1. definitely. this book sounds amazing…. will definitely put it on my goodreads to-read.. i’ve found the alchemist to do that for me…i re-read it this weekend, and even though everything in there I read before, it was just necessary. also, i re-read the nelson mandela/marianne williamson poem in a writing workshop the other day… and the “your playing small doesn’t serve the world”, really tapped into something. thanks for sharing your good reads!


  2. I got the book. It arrived yesterday. I started devouring it last night. Can’t wait to get to more today. Hopefully at lunchtime when I get a break from work-a-work. Anyway, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! And I LOVE getting my a** kicked liked this!!!!!


    1. I KNOW!! Isn’t it amazing?? So happy you are resonating with it (I thought you would!). (happy dance!!). Love it when people I love, love the same books I do!


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