An Unexpected Gift

Last night I got an unexpected gift.  It wasn’t a birthday gift, it was better.  Way better.   First, a little backstory.

Back in August the yoga studio was robbed.  Someone took a bank bag containing my entire month’s income of cash and checks.  It wasn’t a lot of money as these things go, especially since it was August and a slow month anyway.  But it was the rent.

Even more than the money, I was completely freaked that someone would steal from ME.  I could not wrap my head around it.  It made me feel sick to my stomach. I knew it couldn’t be anyone who had ever practiced at MSY, but who would go rifling through my (stupidly unlocked) filing cabinet and take my bank bag?  It drove me crazy to think about it.

I notified the bank as well as all the people who had given me checks in August.

I watched a few hours of surveillance video from my building’s system before I realized that even if I saw something or someone on it, the film quality and angle was so off that I wouldn’t be able to identify anyone.  The most I could tell from the tape was that it was a person.

I filed a police report, but because I live in Mayberry and Andy and Barney comprise the local law, there wasn’t much hope on that score.

All the people who wrote checks, wrote me new ones to replace the stolen ones, unasked.  (I have the most wonderful people!)

I was raw and sad about it for quite awhile.  But I consoled myself by telling myself that the person who took it probably needed it more than I did.

Last night the bank bag came back to me with all the checks in it, but the cash was gone.  I know who took it. It is a sad story, but it is finally resolved. The person who returned it is not the thief, but a relative of the thief and plans to repay me the missing cash as well.

Now THAT was a gift!  All my students who knew about the robbery said the same thing: that they pitied the poor person who took it, because the karmic load from stealing from a yoga studio?  Dude, that is heavy.  The person who stole it did in no way need it.  It was done out of sheer orneriness and just for kicks.

And the karmic load is indeed bearing down like a ton of shit.

6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift

  1. Oh wow Kath, truly amazing!

    I am so glad that this mystery is finally solved. It was also interesting that you had to first wrestle with this situation before it was solved.

    Maybe that ended up being good karma for you.



  2. Wow Kath. That is nuts!

    Robbing a yoga studio IS a heavy load.

    The vulnerability of experiencing that could not have been a pleasant ride. I am so sorry you had to go through that, but what a wonderful conclusion to finally wrap it all back up, right around your birthday.


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