100 Questions

I was in a kind of slump today, so I went casting around for inspiration among the bloggers I read regularly.  I am way behind on my Philosophers Notes, so I picked one at random.  It was the one on How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci.

Brian Johnson reads books and summarizes the big ideas in them, much like Cliffs Notes, then tells us about them.

Today he was talking about the 100 Questions.  Here’s how it works:

You write down 100 Questions.  They can be anything you want to know: Why is the sky blue? What happens to us when we die? What am I here for? Etc. etc.

Then you look at the questions and see if there are any themes, and group them under those themes.

Then you pick your top ten questions and rank them, and these questions determine how you live your life: you live your life in quest for the answers to those questions.

I’m going to do that tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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