A Colorado Blue Sky Day in Pennsyltuckey

Today was what Ira would call a “Colorado Blue Sky Day:” snow, brilliant sun, blue sky.  And oh man did it ever work its magic on my mood!  I felt so happy today!

I drove to Corning for an early haircut and highlight, then went to Wegmans for groceries and treated myself to a soy latte.  And can I just pause here to say that I really miss coffee?

I miss coffee. I love coffee.  I love the taste of it and the instant energy boost  it gives me.  And maybe it’s only having this effect on me because I don’t drink it everyday anymore, but for the rest of the afternoon, I felt so much happier and so much SMARTER.

How can that be?? But without question I felt my brainpower amped up. While I did my errands, I structured my writing project in my head, had great car dialogues with myself, told my self funny stories about my life, and even chatted it up with an old guy in Home Depot about ergonomic snow shovels. I was wickedly witty and I made his whole day and he even told me so.  And I attribute all this sparkliness to… coffee.

I dashed home lickety-split, put away the persishables and took Boomer skiing.  She’s a really good cross-country skier: never runs in my tracks, stays with, and has a blast while I kick and glide. Today was my cross-training day for the half-marathon training and it felt SO GOOD to get out of the gym.

And today?  I bought the latest edition of Runner’s World magazine!  I used to subscribe to it all through the 70s and into the 80s but haven’t even been tempted to flip through it in at least 20 years, and now there’s a copy of it on my bed table. How weird is that?

And tomorrow I’m going shoe shopping for running shoes.  And on Saturday we have our first “group run” as a team.  And tonight Tim showed a great film about a marathoning group at Tufts University that made my eyes well up with tears.

But now it is time to hit the hay because boy, it’s been a day.  A very good day.  A Colorado Blue Sky day.

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