Weird Food Person

We got out of Dodge this weekend.  Went up to Ithaca to have dinner with Zee, do a little food shopping at Green Star, and just play.  It was fun, but you know what? I think I have become “a difficult food person.”

Because nothing I ate sat right with me.  The Moosewood lunch was fine, though there was a lot of it, and we indulged in the Vegan Chocolate cake.  The after effect?  A little bloaty.

Dinner was at Madeline’s, one of my fave places, but there was cream sauce in the Lobster Linguini, and I had a blueberry frangipane with ice cream for dessert and a snifter of Grand Marnier.  Oh, and a very inferior Parducci Pinot Noir with dinner.

I was up half the night with a belly ache.

So what does this MEAN??  This would ordinarily have been a delicious no problem fun outing with absolutely no repercussions.

So have I now become one of those people who has to be really cautious about everything I eat? Like vegetarian and vegan people, and people with celiac’s and people who eat everything raw, or kosher, or macrobiotic?


Got home and made my green juice and took my magnesium and drank a liter of lemon water, and today I am feeling MUCH better.

Yep. I’ve become one of THEM.

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