The More Busy, the Less Creative

I have been running around very chicken-no-headish today, cleaning, packing, tying up loose ends, so that I can leave right after Yin Yoga class tonight and drive halfway to Rehoboth Beach,DE so that on Friday morning I can stand on the beach and wave to Hurricane Earl as he whooshes past.

Packing up and leaving, even for a weekend, is majorly “fraught.”  I always use my trip to India 3 years ago as the benchmark to shoot for in packing.  My suitcase for that trip was LIGHT!  Scandalously light, ridiculously light.  Someone advised me: “You’ll get there and feel like a tourist in your zip-off safari pants and will immediately buy India-appropriate clothes in the market for a few rupees.  Don’t pack much.”

I believed her, and she was right, …more or less.

But for this trip to the shore?  Omg.  I’m ashamed.  But apparently not ashamed enough to pare down.  Nope.

The other day I read this post on Zen Habits about the concept of underscheduling and it has been stuck in my head.  This is genius, but I think you have to be a maverick to implement it in your life.

Either that or a genius.

I’m going to share the post with you here.  Let me know what you think–or better yet, comment to the writer.  As the new school year begins I think it’s the perfect antidote to “busy.”

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