Friday Gratitude

Yoga postures Shirshasana

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Yet another installment of Friday Gratitude, and this week there is LOTS to be grateful for beginning with:

Still being ambulatory after a week with Yoganand.

Headstand and Scorpion and Side Crow…oh my!

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you strong” –and Karen Meyer calling “Bullshit” on that theory in class to tonight.  Hilarious!  Go Karen!  You rock!

Class tonight, and “om-ing” Adrienne, and then her boyfriend saying, after I commented how cool it was that she transitioned right up into half-shoulderstand from Bridge: “Of course she did.  She just got “om-ed!”

Meeting Frank on my dog walk through campus this afternoon.  Frank: “What’s your dog’s name?  Me: Boomer.  Frank: “Is that Boomer Gallagher?” Me: Why, yes. Yes it is! (Boomer has a Facebook page.)  hehehehe

The sky today: cloudless.  blue. perfect.

Asana 4: Done! Check!

Apple pie. Homemade. Warm. After a looong week…

My bed. (so soft, so warm, so quiet)

Wine. Red.

Watching Homecoming fireworks from my window just now, in my pajamas.

Finally, feeling human again. Taking a “spa day” this morning: abhyanga massage, followed by a hot bath.  ummmmm…..

Have a great weekend, everyone!