The Power of Intention

Cover of "The Power of Intention"
Cover of The Power of Intention

It’s been disturbing me that I’ve gotten rather spotty in my posting here.  Every morning I wake up and check on myself, mainly to read (and cringe at) what kind of sleepy nonsense I managed to type into this space before I hit “publish” and then the pillow.

It’s just that it’s November, and I am not a fan of November. My skin is dry, my lips are chapped and I am already wearing down clothing, albeit just down vests at this point, but down nonetheless.

When it’s November I want to curl up and read all the books on my bed table. I want to join NaNoWriMo. I want to go to Springwater for a month and meditate. I want to wake up at the ass crack of dawn and do ashtanga with Christine again (but not feel ass-draggy all day as a result.)

I’m reading more these days (and writing less).  I’m reading Wayne Dyer’s the Power of Intention at the moment and trying to the apply its principles to my life: creativity, kindness, lovingness, beauty, expansiveness, abundance and openness. In that vein:

What if I am an infinite being in a temporary physical incarnation?  How does that change things? And what if my life is magic?  And what if everyone I contact and connect with is being brought into my life to teach me something, or point me in a particular direction?

And what if they’re not, but I pretend as if they are anyway? And what if I pretend as if everything I want is already mine (because it is)?  How does that change how I roll, how I operate, how I live?

This is the stuff I’ve been thinking about, so do you see how it might be hard  sometimes to sit down and write a blog post, especially at night, when I am newly home from my class, and tired?  Do you see how it might be hard to know where to begin?

I wonder what I’ll think of this when I read it at 5:30 tomorrow morning? Remember Rule #6, Kath.  Rule #6.

**Rule #6: “Don’t take yourself so damned seriously.”

5 thoughts on “The Power of Intention

  1. Rule #6a: Don’t be so damned hard on yourself. 😉

    The reason you feel like curling up with all of your nightstand books in November is, well, because you are *supposed* to curl up with all of your nightstand books in November. It’s only been since the invention of electricity that we have turned ourselves into 24/7-365/days-a-year multi-tasking, work-a-holic maniacs. Instead of cherishing the natural rhythms of nature, that healing interplay between warm and cool with light and dark, we endlessly strive for constant productivity.

    Spring and summer were meant for physical, outward activities, planting and harvesting, working and nourishing our bodies (think Ashtanga), while fall and winter were the time to turn inward, to rest our bodies and feed our souls (think meditation).

    I think as the days grow shorter and cooler, our physical body wants to turn over activity and creativity to our spiritual side, yang yielding to yin. Then, in spring, when our souls have been nourished and our physical body rested, we can go back to creating with our bodies and hands — and in your case, writing.

    So I say, indulge the nightstand.Who knows what amazingly inspirational prose you might be able to create *because* of it, rather than *in spite of* it? We’ll still be here, looking forward to your next post… I’d even be willing to wait for the podcast, because I know it will be even better if you allow yourself the space and time to soak in what your soul has been craving. 🙂


    1. See??!! See?!!! This is why I totally and unconditionally love you. Period.
      (Oh, and not that I am calling you on your shit or anything, but this whole nursing school gig of yours? Whoa. A total cluster-fuck of dosha deranging madness, no?
      Hot ginger tea? 9 hours of sleep? Warm cooked foods? Ringing any bells??)
      I know, I know. “Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement…”
      *le sigh*


      1. Hahaha, yes, “cluster-fuck of dosha deranging madness” pretty much sums up my schedule right now. I would be pretty damn miserable if I didn’t love it so much, but seeing what I will be able to do in a few years is so worth it!! And if I’m not too deranged by then, it will just make that next trip to Mansfield much more precious, n’est-ce pas?

        Love you, too.


  2. I totally agree with capalove!!! The way we treat our bodies and minds is so unnatural. Maybe the cure to our illnesses is just to listen to our bodies more.


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