12 Things I’m Loving Right Now

I know that “The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things” but lately I’ve been trying to focus my attention away from this endless winter, and on all the things I do really love and appreciate in my life.  This post is about things.  Objects, food, technology, yoga apparel and gear.  All the things that I am really loving right now.

So here goes:

Kashi Frozen Pizza, especially the Mushroom and Spinach one.  It is saving me on nights when I come home late from class and just want a little snack and a glass of wine while I watch The Biggest Loser.  The crust is really thin, it’s light, has good ingredients, and I like the eco-packaging.

Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice.  I even posted about this on Facebook the other day.  I can get it at Wegmans, and they also sell it at Wal-mart, surprisingly. It’s a little pouch of microwavable rice that I put stir-fried veggies on top of for a satisfying lunch.  Cooks in 90 secs. It is wicked good.

Nourish.  This is a powdered meal substitute that I drank when I was on the Clean Program.  I am not on Clean officially anymore, but I love this stuff.  It’s filling when I don’t have time to eat.  I like the chocolate.  I make it with Almond milk, put in frozen blueberries and some flax seeds and buzz it up in the Vita-Mix.  It’s spendy, though.  Still, I would be lost most days without it.

IPad.  I love this thing with my whole heart and soul. It’s ridiculous how much I love this wondrous piece of technology.  I let G take it to Florida with her on spring break and I’m totally jonesin’ for it!  Love IT. If you’re on the bubble about getting one, think you don’t NEED one, think again.  I have the older model, and this link is to the new one.  I love my “old” one and they are being sold cheap on ebay now that the new ones are coming. You won’t regret this splurge.  Guaranteed.

Zen Timer. I am in love with all things gizmo.  I love my Ipad. I love my Touch, I love my MacBook Pro.  I love this app. I use it every single day to time my meditation. I use it in Yin Class. It’s really great.

Sudoku Daily.  If you love sudoku, electronic sudoku is so wonderful you’ll think you have died and gone to heaven.  This is a free app, and while it is not as good as, say, the sudoku game on The Daily (for the Ipad), this is a great app for your touch, your phone, wherever you play games.

Timex Marathon. I have been wearing this watch for years. When the band breaks I go buy another one.  I am stupid when it comes to wrist chronographs. I don’t need lap times or splits.  I want a watch with the date and time. I want a timer and a stopwatch.  I want to read it in the dark if I have to. I want everything to be intuitive to program.  I never have to consult the manual.  This watch tells me how to set it.  I love this thing. Not pretty, but it gets me there on time.

Kor Delta Water Bottle.  This is the bottle that is going to cure me of my hatred of drinking water. It is so beautifully designed I want to pick it up and sip it every time I look at it. I have ordered 2 to raffle off at the end of the Yoga Challenge in April.  This is what happens when design meets function.  True love.

CVS Lens Wipes. Without these I wouldn’t be able to see.  I like them because they are not really WET.  They do the job with just the right amount of moisture. I use them on my glasses, my spendy sunglasses, my Ipad screen–everything. They are individually wrapped so not eco-friendly, but they fit in my purse and go everywhere.  Love them.

Kickbooty Yoga Pants. These are the best yoga pants I have ever worn. They make my ass look amazing.  I love them. Period.

Manduka. I love my Manduka mat. I practice on the Pro.  But I recommend this Pro-Lite mat to all my students.  Can’t go wrong. Not too tacky, not too slippery, really easy to clean.  To my mind, the perfect light-weight mat for toting to class.

750 Words This site is just the most rockin’ writing site in the world.  If you ever tried to do Morning Pages, a la Julia Cameron, this the online version.  No Artist dates or any of that other hoo-hah, just 750 words of brain clean-out every day.  Like taking a shower.  I feel clean and refreshed when I’m through. Plus, Buster gives you BADGES!!!!

Okay, there’s my list.  What are YOU  loving lately in the world of “things?”  Would love to hear!

8 thoughts on “12 Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Yum, I’ve never tried Kashi pizza but that is definitely now on my shopping list! One thing I am lovin’ from the world of things today are the hemp yoga pants my mom got me – if it was acceptable for me to live in these pants day in and day out, I would. Great post!


  2. The Sudoku Daily, YES. Have an app on my phone AND on my laptop.

    I am loving not shoveling snow in March. (No, I’m not trying to rub it in, just sayin’.)

    I am loving spring break. Aaaaaaaahhhhh.

    I am loving that my son LOVES to make rocket fuel with me not only because he loves juicing, but he notices that it makes him feel better, which helps him behave better in school.

    And I’m loving the fact the Yoga Challenge is going to be virtual again this year, right? RIGHT?!?!


    1. Of course! I am really looking forward to “practicing” with you, and hearing your wonderful insights!
      And so tickled to think of Luke drinking rocket fuel! Zoom, Luke, ZOOM! hehehehe.


  3. 12 Things I am Loving

    1. Novoflex Insulin Pen…..faster, easier, smaller & less painful than a syringe…not to mention more effective!

    2. My Ninja mixer. Cheesy name but it’s a mean baby food making machine!

    3. My Acorn slippers. I’ve had them for years!

    4. Our cargo sled. I use this to pull Jeremiah to and from the car…no need to worry about slipping with him on the ice and bonus…he LOVES being pulled along in the sled!!!

    5. My Olympus Waterproof Digital Camera….I’ve dropped this thing in the creek, dropped it on the ground and it’s small enough to throw in my purse, pocket or diaperbag!

    6. A hand stamped pewter medallion….it has a tree stamped on it along with the names of my husband and son and a little pearl.

    7. I love our bird feeders, especially at this time of year. There are 12 of them outside our dining room window….they are so fun to watch!!!

    8. A leafy vine kind of plant that my dear friend Tracy gave me before she had surgery. She had a 30% chance of surviving and I’m thrilled to say she made it through! Everytime I look at it, I think of her and can feel her energy. 🙂

    9. Hand thrown pottery that is useful (bowls mostly).

    10. Seed catalogs….dreaming of spending time in the garden

    11. Hatchery catalogs….checking out the different varieties & planning for new chicks

    12. Weekend coffee, specifically Orange Seville. Mmmmm!


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