17 Things I Need To Be Happy

I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest lately.  It’s making me aware of things I like, things that make me happy,  and places I would love to visit.

But mostly, Pinterest has been making me think of things.

Except that it’s not things that make me happy.  Mostly what makes me happy are when “conditions” are right. Like weather, only on a psycho-spiritual level.

As I’ve been creating Pinterest boards and pinning things onto them, I’ve been thinking about what might be my “recipe” for  personal happiness on a day-to-day basis.  What floats my boat?  What would be the “minimum daily requirement” for my personal contentment, satisfaction, and happiness.

So I sat down this morning and rapped out these 17 things off the top of my head. There are probably a hundred things I’ve left out, but these are definitely key.

So, what are your things? What do you need to be happy?

17 Things I Need to Be Happy

Enough sleep. (9 hours, preferably.)

High quality food, and a good grocery store nearby to buy it.

To sweat and detox daily.

Yoga. (Every. Single. Day)

20 minutes of Meditation. (Every. Single. Day)

Regular fun and play.

Order in my surroundings.

A clean kitchen.



A hot bath. (with bubbles, and a wind-up duck)

Wine (in moderation)

Inspiring people in my immediate neighborhood. (Real people. Not online “friends.”)

Beautiful, natural surroundings to live in.

One large cup of extraordinary, extra bold coffee, every morning.

A big, warm, soft bed to sleep in. Alone.

Somebody to speak my soul to, to share my neuroses with, and to tell me (even if it’s not true) that I’m not nuts. Every. Single. Day.

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