Morning: It Doesn’t Look Like What It Feels

It’s a blur
Morning Mug

I love mornings. Even ass-crack of dawn mornings. But it sure doesn’t look that way, does it? Because come on. Do you think you ever look the way you feel? Does anything look the way it feels? Take a roller coaster for example. It’s interesting architecture, high, curvy, but go ahead. Get on it. Take a ride. Now what do you say?

And pictures. Have you seen a picture of yourself lately? When that pic was taken, you were happy, smiling, three wine coolers into the wind, and then somebody goes and tags you on Facebook and you go: “What the..???

That’s because nothing looks the way it feels.

Take me in that picture up there. Lookin’ pretty grouchy, pretty gooney-eyed. That first cup is just starting to kick in and I still don’t appear to be with it yet.

But inside? Inside, (take my word for this) the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am Julie Andrews twirling through a green field in a shirtwaist. In the Alps. And I’m singing. On key. With full orchestral accompaniment.

But you’d never guess it from that picture, now would you?

Yep. There’s a whole freakin’ musical going on inside that head. But on the face of it? Haggy woman staring at an Ipad.

There’s USAToday headlines in those eyes. But inside?

The Von Trapp kids singing Edelweiss.



2 thoughts on “Morning: It Doesn’t Look Like What It Feels

  1. I agree that we don’t always look the way we feel. Today, I attempted bird of paradise and while I felt lovely on the inside, I looked like a puppet whose strings had gotten tangled.


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