17 Things I Need To Be Happy

Today I hate winter.

Wallace Stevens has this poem called The Snowman that starts with,

“One must have a mind of winter…”

And that line invaded my consciousness as I stared at the kitchen thermometer that read minus something.

(As soon as there is a minus sign, all possibility for happiness is gone, so it doesn’t much matter what number you put after that minus sign.)

I was thinking, Wallace Stevens notwithstanding, that I definitely don’t have a mind of winter.  I have a mind of summer. I have a mind of wisteria, and viburnums, and lawn mowers. I have a mind of ice cream.

I have no patience with stupid snowmen standing stoically regarding junipers shagged with ice.

Fuck snowmen. Fuck ice.

So today I will focus on things that make me happy. (Note the glaring absence of snowmen.)

Happiness Makers

Enough sleep (9 hours, preferably.)

High quality food, and a nearby market to buy it.

To sweat and detox daily.

Yoga. Every. Single. Day

20 minutes of Meditation. Every. Single. Day

Regular fun and play.

Order in my surroundings.

A clean kitchen.



A Hot bath. With bubbles.

Wine (in moderation)

Inspiring people in my immediate surroundings. Real people. Not online “friends.”

Beautiful, natural surroundings to live in

One cup of extraordinary, extra bold coffee every morning.

A big, warm, soft bed to sleep in. Alone.

Somebody to speak my soul to, to share my neuroses with, and to tell me (even if it’s not true) that I’m not nuts. Every. Single. Day.

Not “Needed” but Nice

2 ply toilet paper


ski tracks

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