Friday night

It’s Friday night. I love Friday night, despite the fact that I don’t have a conventional job, and the “week” and the “weekend” are virtually interchangeable for me.

I don’t get paid on Friday. I don’t even work, so I’m not even spent from the week.

I am amped from the week, actually.

Right now I wish you could see me.

I am sitting here, on the couch, in my pajamas and NaNoWriMo hoodie. There is a margarita at my left elbow, and G’s head is on a pillow at my right elbow. She is reading The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, which I have been talking about ad nauseam ever since I finished it at the beginning of this week. (I am so happy she is reading this! Whee! We will have so much to talk about in the days ahead.)

My week was terrific. I taught my yoga classes, I figured out my March offerings, I wrote my newsletter, I took on a new Health Coaching client.

I am particularly happy about that client, in fact. I really like her and I felt a particularly strong connection to her, and her story. She is exactly where I was this time last year. (Which was NOT a good place. I was recovering from wrist surgery, unable to practice yoga and addicted to pain killers.)

She is not addicted to pain killers, but she is suffering from shoulder surgery and is in a lot of pain.

I had a lot of help digging myself out of that pain/depression hole last winter, and I hope to provide that same kind of help to her.

So, yeah. It has been a really good week.

Also: The sun has been shining despite the wicked temps. The bears are waking up, despite the wicked temps. There was a “bird report” on my Facebook feed today. They are starting to “sing” again, despite the wicked temps.

So yeah.

I found myself saying to my class tonight: “Life is simple.”

Life IS simple. Or it can be, if we don’t complicate and muck it up with our expectations and our judgments.

I hope you are enjoying your Friday night.


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