It Took You Long Enough

No hat. No gloves. No coat. No socks, even.

I walked Boomer through campus and everyone’s head was up. People are smiling at me again. They ask to pet Boomer. They want to hug her. They want her to lick them. But she doesn’t.

Unless they smell like food.

I grilled chicken breasts on the grill tonight.  I  cooked without a coat. Without gloves. Without socks.

Some of the windows were open in Butler and the sounds of horns practicing wafted across campus.

Everything is on the verge.

I wear sunglasses, and a white yoga top and capris. Shoes with no socks.

No down. No wool. No scarf. No hat.

If I wasn’t running late, I would have walked.

It is time to start waking up earlier now.  I want more day because the days are playing nice now.


Hello spring.

It took you long enough.



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