Stronger This Year

In the mornings I am reading Thinner This Year. This is dangerous for my health coaching client because this book is scaring me. It pulls no punches when it comes to laying out just what happens when you eat crap.

My client eats crap. My client doesn’t exercise enough. Today he proudly told me that he went to the medical supply store in town and picked up a long gripper stick, fitted it out with some foam rubber, and now he can  pick up sticks in his yard without bending over.

My client is a year older than me. He shouldn’t have to use a long handled stick for yard work. Not yet. (Maybe not ever.) Then he hands me his Food Log and it is nothing but white food.

Because I had just been reading about the wreckage that kind of diet does to a body, I told him he had to “Warrior up.” No more excuses. I hope it’s not going to take a bad diagnosis from his doctor to get his diet and life cleaned up.

Then I went to my personal training session with Vince. After a lower body and ab workout, we went out behind the gym and he took some pics of the 2 of us, messing around on the grass. He posted them to Facebook, and now people are saying really sweet things in the comments.

Here’s the pic.  Vince.  My trainer and friend. He’s adorable. And he’s making me so strong!

Vince and Kath, April 21, 2015

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