I Hate To Meditate

I hate to meditate. Hate it.

I sit down, set the timer, and every single day it’s the same freaking shit storm in there. Mind spinning every which way, or else catching myself before the face-plant into unconsciousness.

When the timer goes off, I think: Well, that was a flipping mess. And then go on about my day.

I try not to miss a day.

If you want to be more focused, more creative, more patient, and happier, sit down every day and do this:

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Sit with your back straight and don’t move your skin.

That’s it.

Don’t let your skin move. Not the skin between your toes and fingers, or the skin on your scalp, or the skin on your lips.

Everything else can move. Your heart can beat, your lungs can fill and empty, your blood can course through your veins, just don’t move your skin.

Your can let your mind go crazy planning the future or chewing on the past, just don’t move your skin.

That’t it. When the timer goes off, you’re done. Get up and get on with it.

Why do this

Because as soon as you sit down and shut up, you will encounter yourself. You will notice what you think about the most, what you worry and obsess about, and what you fantasize about.

“You become what you think about all day long.” ~ Emerson

And once you start noticing the stuff you think about all day long (which this habit of a 10 minute “still skin” meditation will reveal to you) you will know what to do with your life.

You will start the needed renovations. You will dream up projects and schemes. You will recognize what makes you happy and what doesn’t and start weeding out the unhappy. You will start making conscious choices about how you spend your time.

You will not only begin to know yourself, you will start editing and modifying yourself for maximum happiness and the achievement of your maximum human potential.

You will know who you want to be, and you will start being it.

You will find yourself more focused and creative, more patient and compassionate. Your life will get livelier. You will have more energy to do things, and more ideas for what to do.

I don’t why this happens, (that’s a lie, I do know why) but the why isn’t important. You can read about the why in tons of books. Or just Google “benefits of meditation” and follow links forever.

There are books, and courses, and yoga centers, and support online that can teach you countless techniques and tell you all the whys. Or you can just try keeping your skin still for 10 minutes every day and find out for yourself.

And oh you will.

You will.

3 thoughts on “I Hate To Meditate

  1. I struggle with meditation too. My mind wanders around. I have only been doing it about a week, so I hope I’ll get better at it. I’d like to do some yoga also.


  2. Let your mind wander. It’s what minds do. Just watch it. Keep going! As for yoga, find a studio near you. It’s the best way to learn. Good luck and thanks for commenting! ~Kath


  3. This is so true. After doing it for awhile then stopping you can see the difference. Why is it so hard to start again when you know the benefits you will get out of it? Just do it.


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