How To Get Ready For Your Second Vaccine

I got my second Covid shot on Wednesday, March 10th.

On Thursday the 11th, I woke up nauseous and dizzy, took 2 Tylenol and went back to bed. 

Things proceeded to go downhill. 

I slept a few hours, then woke up with body aches, fever, headache, nausea, and chills. 


Flu symptoms. I had to be reminded that this was what these feelings were. I hadn’t experienced this in decades. 

“So THIS is why people get flu shots! I thought. “To avoid this hellscape!” 

I have never had the flu shot because I don’t get the flu. I don’t get sick. Period.

I do get injured, like when I broke my wrist, but I don’t get colds or infections congestions or any of that.

I live in a Kath Bubble, apparently.

I am writing this only to give you a heads-up just in case you’re one of the few unlucky ones like me who has a bad reaction to the second shot. 

This is what I recommend. 

1. Don’t plan anything for the next day, and if you can, the next two days. Just in in case.

2. Have someone lined up to walk your dog. You definitely won’t be able to walk your dog. 

3. As soon as you get your shot, start Tylenol right away. Don’t take it before the shot, though.  I know, I know, I don’t like to take it either, but this is different. Take two before bed and set your alarm and keep to that 4 to 6 hour regimen with them. 

4. If you feel nauseous keep a stainless steel bowl on the floor by your bed. Just in case. They’ll be no running to the bathroom. They’ll be no running anywhere.

5. If you’re a meditator, in the middle of your misery, try to practice.  Drop back and depersonalize your situation. Remember: There’s no “I” to feel like shit. There is just head pressure, muscle contraction, body heat.  You’ll still feel bad, it’s just less personal this way. Without the story, the symptoms can just ebb and flow.  

I felt fragile for a few days after my big dramatic symptoms abated, but some people snap right back after twenty-four hours.  

Since my second shot, I feel so relieved. I feel lucky. I feel hopeful. I feel humble. 

And now I want everyone to feel this way. 

As times seems to be nearing normal, I’m wondering what I’ll look like when I molt and leave this Covid skin? Will I act differently? How will I feel if I ever get to stand in front of a full yoga class again? Will I even know what to do?

I won’t find out until society opens up. 

I’m nervous. I don’t feel ready, yet I can’t wait.

How weird is that?

No weirder than this last year, I guess.

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