Falling In Love With Audiobooks Again

Project: 30 Days of Blog Posting

I’ve recently started listening to audiobooks again.

I downloaded The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams because  I needed something to listen to while I deep-cleaned the kitchen.

  I was caught up on all my podcasts. 

 After six hours of non-stop cleaning and listening, I found myself in a strange room, surrounded by gleaming countertops and chrome, not remembering what happened, or how I got there.

 So I downloaded another one. 

 The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

 I’m intrigued with this one because the main event appears to be about to happen and I’m only 40% through. 

Hmmm…Where is she going with this?

I don’t know, but I have bathrooms to clean. 

But here’s the thing that freakin blew my mind.

I just realized that Audible and Kindle sync with each other.

Yeah, it’s called Whispersync.

 What this means is that if I download the Kindle edition and the Audible version I can toggle back and forth between listening and reading, and each device syncs to my place in the other. 

For example, I open up my Kindle at breakfast and read while I drink my coffee. Then later, when I want to listen while I do mind-numbing household tasks, the Audible edition asks if I want to jump to where I left off in the Kindle.

“Why, yes. Thank you.”

In bed later, I open my Kindle and it asks if I want to sync to where I left off listening in Audible.

I have a lot of Audible credits amassed because I stopped using it for a while but never canceled my subscription. 

I believe if you don’t have credits you have to buy both the Kindle and the Audible edition and that might get expensive, so maybe you just treat yourself to both once in a while. 

It’s good though. And it’s making me happy.

I’ve decided I need a new project for the month of June. I have decided to write on this blog every day for the month.

See what happens. 

Thanks for reading.

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