The Weekly Check-In

The Shutterbean List

There’s a blogger I follow who writes under the name of Shutterbean.

She calls herself, “a food stylist and photographer based in the SF Bay area.” Emily turned me on to her. 

Among other things, she has a list of prompts you can fill in and then use to track certain things month by month, week by week, or whenever you feel like it. I keep this on the Notes app on my phone and fill it in whenever I think of it.

I think I am going to devote the Saturday edition of this Everyday Blog Project to these categories:

Inspired by: Nothing, really. 

Watching: Just started the new season of “Love on the Spectrum” last night.  

We are still watching Succession. It’s really interesting to watch Power Porn. People who are driven by power, animated by power, are willing to spend all their time and mental energy jockeying for power. 

It’s not even money they want. It’s mainly the power. I should read that Robert Greene book about Power. I have it right here…. Yeah, got it:

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

I need a show to watch after Succession. Everyone says Yellowstone, but I don’t know…

Reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. The story doesn’t stop where you think it will. It takes the next step. There is a murder. Things get very tense. I wondered if they were even going to pull it off, but they did, but now the book really starts. Now the perpetrators have to avoid getting caught, but more importantly, survive the guilt. Tartt goes there. It’s good.

Listening to: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I am almost finished. I have 3 hours of listening left. I alternate between reading and listening. I’ll be finished by tomorrow I think. I have a lot of things queued up. I downloaded Robert Greene’s 48 Rules of Power to listen to next and I’m kinda excited to start that.

Thinking About: Whenever I am not writing or listening or reading I am wondering what to write about next here. I’m constantly scanning my brain and my experience for stuff. What am I noticing? What am I thinking about? What is my central concern of the day? What’s on my To-do list? Where does my Venn patch overlap with someone else’s? 

Dreamlife: I’m dreaming but not writing down my dreams upon waking, so of course, they vanish.

Eating and Drinking: I made a tofu stir-fry the other day. It was really good and I’ve had that for the last 2 days. I should probably go shopping but I don’t want to go unless I go with a meal plan in mind, and a list. 

I am drinking a lot of San Pelligrino Essenza sparkling mineral water. 

I told G l liked them and she bought 2 cases and they were delivered yesterday. 

I did have a glass of Pinot last night. It’s the Frei Organic and it’s good. Pinot is the better red choice for the summer. I actually want to get a white. I need to put that Schmitt-Sohn Reisling in the fridge. I like a Reisling in the summer.

Researching: Nothing

Grateful for: All the usual things like family and health and security, but what am I particularly grateful for today is the weather: blue skies, temps in the 70s, spring flowers everywhere.

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