Inspired By In April

Inspired By:

The natural world: flowers, birds, green grass, trees leafing out. Oh, spring!  How I’ve been pining for you!

Red tulips


The usual: Succession, Ted Lasso, Shrinking, Survivor.


Higher Etiquette

I read this on 4/20. Lizzie Post is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post. Funny book. Interesting to see proper “manners” in the cannabis world all spelled out. I’m an old hippie, so a lot of this was, “Well, duh, it’s definitely rude to bogart a joint!” but youngsters may have to be reminded. I also kept thinking that people might not remember many of these rules of etiquette once they get high. (Or any of them. Haha.) She lost me at food pairings and dinner parties with lots of pot-infused food. Too much. But an engrossing and fun read.

On Earth Day, I read the Rachel Carson essay in this book:

It was terrific! I knew about Silent Spring and its impact on getting DDT banned, but after reading this, I love Rachel Carson even more. I will definitely be reading Silent Spring.. I can’t wait to read the other essays in this volume. The other three are Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall and Alice Waters This is our Book Group pick for this month. A definite winner.

Listening to:

Random podcasts. Nothing is rocking my world at the moment. One thing I am noticing, though, is I’m not giving a flying rip about news or social media. I scan the news headlines going: “Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care, don’t care.

Same with Facebook: “Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care, don’t care.

The only site that snags me at the moment is Instagram. Mainly for the comedy. 

I am currently in love with dina.helle

Thinking about: 

How your first sip of coffee should never to be taken while doing anything else. Think of it as a ritual, like saying Namaste after yoga. That first sip is holy. Bow your head, take your sip, taste your coffee, and be grateful. This is where your day begins.

This is the yoga of coffee. 

**If you do the Starbucks/Dunkin drive-thru, get your coffee from the window. Pull into a parking spot. Take the first sip. Savor. Then go. 

Eating and Drinking:

I’m in a food funk. I don’t want to eat anything. These are the days when I wish I could just take a pill that would stop hunger and give me my RDA for all vitamins and minerals. I don’t want to cook.

I’m still juicing, though. Mainly for the way the carrots sound as they go through the masticator. 

In terms of alcohol, I feel beer season coming on. 

But what I am really loving at the moment is this canned non-alcoholic aperitif called Ghia. 

I like the Le Spritz soda version.

I also love the company’s tagline: “More bitter than a bad divorce.” 

Grateful For:

The fact that today is the last day of softball season.

Omg. This is the season that will make a great story in ten years.

After the pain wears off.

3 thoughts on “Inspired By In April

  1. I love just love reading these, it’s like a quick catch up with a friend! Also that drink sounds amazing, I’ve been looking for something nonalcoholic, but so many options now wasn’t sure where to start!


  2. Ok good to know! Thank you! Yes it is, I’ve heard of heard in other “sustainable”’books I’ve read and can’t believe I haven’t read it yet.


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