When I was a kid there was no permanent press. You had to iron every thing. I used to cheat though, and just iron the sleeves and the collar of the blouse that went under  the jumper I wore to Catholic school. Since only the sleeves and the collar showed, what was the point of … Continue reading Ironing

Eating Out

There's something great about eating out: ordering from a menu, having a cocktail, choosing a dessert. And the whole thing about having someone else cook your meal, bring it to you, then whisk away the dishes, leaving you to linger over your wine, or a coffee? Yeah. I'm all about it. So tonight G suggested … Continue reading Eating Out

The Bests

Every time I sit down here, I try to think of the standout moments in the day, good or bad. But mostly I look for the "Bests."  What were the best moments of this day? My yoga practice this morning wasn't "the best"--it was hard and I was frustrated with my limitations and my weakness, … Continue reading The Bests