Eating Out

There’s something great about eating out: ordering from a menu, having a cocktail, choosing a dessert. And the whole thing about having someone else cook your meal, bring it to you, then whisk away the dishes, leaving you to linger over your wine, or a coffee? Yeah. I’m all about it.

So tonight G suggested we eat out.

I didn’t teach today, her game was postponed until Sunday, and we both are going to be spending a lot of time in Crazy Town in April, so this might be our last chance for a nice dinner out for at least a month.

But where to go? That was the question.

The local brewpub where we usually go? Or to the place where we used to go, before the brewpub opened.

It was a hard call because the local brewpub serves locally sourced meat, but I was in the mood for a martini and a nice dessert, and I couldn’t get either of those things there.

So we went to the place where we used to go. I am about to go back on the Clean program starting Sunday, but even if I wasn’t, I’m still concerned about where my food comes from and how it’s prepared. That’s why it’s often hard for me to eat out.

I am never really happy with any place we go. I want a place that will make me a delicious meal with locally sourced meat and produce. I want a place where I am confident that the chef is conscientious about getting fresh ingredients, and preparing them with care and attention. I don’t need to have as much info as these guys from Portlandia did, but I need some reassurance that things in the kitchen are cool.

So tonight we went to the Nest and I had a martini and the crabcakes, and we got the chocolate peanut butter mousse pie to take home.

It was lovely. But I wish we had a restaurant like this one around here. If we did, I would be eating out a lot more, methinks.

6 thoughts on “Eating Out

  1. I agree, it can be very difficult to eat out around here… but I appreciate Yorkholo doing what they do 🙂 Also, for Clean, I am making some sunflower butter (homemade!), do you want me to whip you up some? I am going to make it on Saturday.


  2. I am living and working in Portland for the month and am loving the food here, and I have to say that clip is so accurate and not too far off base! So funny! Kinda on my butt from laughing so hard, funny! It is nice to be in a city where the waiters do not look at me like a have four heads when I ask if the meat is grass feed! Having the opportunity to live in cities all over the country, the west coast really offers so many cleaner choices while eating out! It’s nice and I believe it will not be long before we are all on the same page…It’s happening!


    1. You sound JUST like my daugther (who lives in Portland and is always saying, MOM! Just come and live HERE! Portland is your place! You’d be in HEAVEN!)
      I hope you are right about everyone being on the same page eventually. It seems very s-l-o-w going for me, though.
      Thanks for you comment! Another voice for Portland!
      (if you’re ever near the Starbucks in Nyberg Woods in Tualatin, ask to meet the manager! That’s my kid!)


  3. And this is the reason we farm as much as we do. A very high percentage of our food was raised right here. I know what the beef was fed and how he was treated. I also know exactly goes into any of our preserved veggies. Yep…having a little homestead of your own has it’s perks!


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