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Foisting Books on People

This morning the woman who stayed in our house and took care of Boomer while we were in Portland stopped by to return a book she borrowed. While she was here, I foisted another one on her. Not this Seth Godin, but a newer book by him. If she likes it, I’m going to foist Linchpin on her. Here is a reblog from 5 years ago. I hope you enjoy.

Inspiration Location

I really don’t want to be a foister, but I am.  I am reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin at the moment and all I want to do is buy 20 copies and give them to people, press it into their hands with that annoying, desperate pleading in my eyes and say, “Pleeeeze!  You simply MUST read this!!”

And I’m not even finished it yet; I’m only on page 120.  This is such an important book (I believe), it’s about becoming indispensable.  Like all his books, it’s brilliant, super easy to read, and so very RIGHT!

Here are a few of my underlinings:

“The job is not your work; what you do with your heart and soul is the work.” (p.97)

“When you have a boss, your job is to please the boss, not to change her. It’s okay to have someone you work for, someone who watches over…

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Sitting on the Tarmac in Chicago

Departure day is always a little sad for me but even more so today because it was the last time at that house. In August they move to Beaverton and a bigger place with a green space in their backyard and a network of bike trails that extend for miles. 

It’s a good move for them, but there are lots of memories in that place.

We had a beautiful and delicious breakfast this morning at a place called La Provence. Baked eggs, Brulleed Oatmeal, croissants, omelettes to die for.

Afterwards, back to the house for a little more Obie time.

I am having trouble with my internet connection tonight so my pictures aren’t coming through, but if they would come through there would be a cute pic of Obie sitting on my lap, right here,        and then after that a pic of me asleep with my noise cancellers and neck pillow.

We had a shrieking baby behind us and loud little kids in front of us from Portland to Chicago. Our flight to Elmira has been delayed. I guess there are worse places to be delayed than ORD. 

Like Philly. 

Tomorrow, back to normal: the book, the studio, and a MUCH cleaner diet. The food was good. It was just a little TOO good. 

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I paid $3.99 so you could read this

Getting up at 3:30 wasn’t so bad. And even though it was foggy as hell driving to the airport, got there without hitting a deer.

(I am the only person I know who has never hit a deer. The streak continues.)

My luggage weighed 32.9 lbs. I won “the lightest luggage” contest among my travel mates, Ira and G.

We got TSA-PRE which meant we didn’t have to take off our shoes, but G got pulled over for trying to bring an Orgain (a meal replacement drink we are fond of) through security. (Travel much, G?)

I conked out on the plane from ELM to ORD. Didn’t even hear Beverage Service come through.

Originally had a tight connection in Chicago (ORD), but t-storms there delayed all planes departing and arriving so no worries about making the plane. So few worries in fact, that G and I got a quickie Swedish Massage for neck and shoulders that unravelled the Gordian Knot of Hell planted there my our beloved trainer, Vince, yesterday during killer sets at the squat rack.

(Never in my life would I have predicted that the words “Squat Rack” would ever grace my vocabulary.)

G and I purchased the mandatory Starbucks drinks and G paid for the mocha of a woman newly state-side from 6 months in India who was all saucer-eyed over just about everything. “I just drank from A WATER FOUNTAIN!”

We remembered what that felt like. (India is hard.)

I bought a neck pillow (we have 6 of them,, at least, at home) and the Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover. Bought a Kale-Orange drink at Jamba, and walked the length of the B-Gates to try to keep up with G in the race to get the most steps on our Garmins.

Just spent $3.99 for an hour of WiFi on this cheap-o flight. (C’mon United.)

Ira is asleep pretending to read some book about Darwinian Evolution (is there any other?) and G found US Open coverage on her Ipad.

We have about an hour left on this flight, then rental car and off we go!



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The Dominant Doe Goes With The Flow

This is a post from 2009. I went into my archives looking for what I might have been doing in early June in some other year. I found this post from 6 years ago. I was so tickled with this one because it has a picture of Fred and I. G and I just came back from his house where we were checking on the progress of a major remodel he is doing to his house. It reminded me that we should plan another kayak trip this summer! Hope you enjoy.

Because I like to control things, and because I dislike indecisiveness, my hunterly friends call me a “Dominant Doe.”

(Apparently if you hunt doe, and are able to pick out the “dominant” one in the herd, you will be able to predict where the herd will head when they decide to high-tail it out of your gun’s range, thus giving you a better chance of shooting one dead.)



I like just like being called a “Dominant Doe” because the alliteration is groovy and it sounds a lot better than “Controlling Bitch,” –lack of alliteration notwithstanding.

But I don’t want to talk about hunting, or bitches. I want to talk about kayaking.

And how much I love kayaking and how peaceful it is out on the water, and how quiet, and how lovely it is to float along, dipping the paddles in every now and then, moving the boat around to get a better view of a turtle or a water lily or a house on the shore.

This past Saturday a bunch of us paddled 10 miles along the Chemung River as part of an outing called River Fest.

(this is me and Fred wearing one of my buffs which he wore for the picture then promptly removed because he said it made him look like a cancer patient, which I had to agree with.)

Kathleen and Fred 6-09 kayak650

In some places the river was deep, in others shallow to the point where we had to get out and portage the boats to the deeper water, and at other points the water got riffly and fast and a little scary.

When I found myself approaching those scary, fast, wavy parts I watched how the kayakers in front of me were negotiating the water.  Much to my surprise, they did it by lifting their paddles out of the water and just letting the water take them where it wanted to take them.

So I did that too, even though it felt weird and strange and wrong not to steer and guide and maneuver the boat with the paddle.  The best way to get through the rough water was to just go with the flow, apparently.

So I learned that sometimes it’s really not smart to be the Dominant Doe.  On the water, at least, it’s best to go with the flow.

Good to know.