Full Moon In Capricorn tomorrow

I don’t usually pay too much attention to lunar cycles, but this caught my eye because, 1) I am a Capricorn, and 2) tomorrow is July 1st and I am devoting the entire month to finishing my book.

Initially, I scheduled vacations and weekends off from writing, but I realized that I don’t have the time to take off. It’s going to be a push to get it all written in a month. I want all the writing  done by July 31st, which, crazily enough, will feature yet another full moon. The second full moon in  a month is called a Blue Moon. How auspicious is that, right?

Check out the following elephant journal article about what this full moon means:


Today I was working on the structure of the book and I have always known certain things.

First: It is going to be a short book. Really short.  It is tentatively called Living a Project Driven Life and I am modeling it on Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist. There won’t be the graphical features of Kleon’s book because I’m not graphical like that, but it will be a small book, with the content chunked out in sections rather than chapters.

If you are a writer, you will sympathize with how difficult it is to write  “short,” meaning, with economy and precision.

“I have made this longer than usual because I have not had  time to make it shorter.” ~Blais Pascal

That’s mainly why I resist my work so much.

I have also made the decision to to write my book here , in this blog, in a series of posts over the next 31 days.  I have already written some posts that I have scattered here and there throughout this blog that are sections of this book,  but starting tomorrow, I am going to see if I can chunk out 300 word sections and post them here. Since I already have the daily posting momentum going, it will be easy just to post what I have worked on all morning and not have to think of alternate content every day.

What this means for you as readers of this blog, is that you can avail yourself of my system if you want, and see if it meets any of your needs, or adds value to your life.

Either way your feedback will be invaluable.

Doing it this way will be so good for me because it will give me someone to talk to, an audience who I already know and trust. I feel comfortable talking to you. You are like friends. Talking to you will help me with my tone.

So tomorrow it begins. I hope the Full Moon in Capricorn brings you a month of prosperity and fireworks, too.



Pudding, Puppets and Chocolate Covered Pomegranates

Tonight has to be a full moon.  How else to account for this much wackadoo-ism?  (and btw, is there an “h” in wackadoo?  Whackadoo? Or not?)

  1. I stayed up super-late last night writing and watching The Biggest Loser, so there was no getting up for Ashtanga this morning.  Boo.  Had the bril idea of going to the gym today to row in order to preserve my streak. Yeah, my chiro said to “Row” because my rhomboids are pathetically girly-girl and it’s a wonder I can even pinky-hold a teacup with the kind of musculature I have back there.
  2. But never got to the gym today because of dogs.  Multiple dogs that needed multiple walks.  One golden retriever up and down a very steep hill, twice.  One Corgi up and down and all around, once. That should count for at least a half a sticker, don’t you think? But Timbo (the final arbiter of all things “sticker”) is in Chile and so out of consultation range. So my one day “streak” ended today.  Boo #2.
  3. Pudding.  OMG, I am craving pudding.  Rice.  Sometimes  tapioca.    I don’t even like pudding, except now I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Anyone have a great (read: easy) rice pudding recipe?  The stuff they sell in the dairy aisle is meh to the nth degree. But I am resorting to it because all the incessant dog-walking is eating up all the pudding-making time-slots in my day.
  4. Puppets.  I love puppets.  As soon as I enter a toy store, I make a beeline for the puppets.  God help the poor kid who happens by if I have a puppet on my arm.

So I had an idea today (during dog walk number 17) that I would like to make a line of puppets called “Inner Wisdom Guides Puppets.”  I could customize them like they do with Build-A-Bears to look like what you imagine your Inner Wisdom Guide looks like.  You could slip your hand into it and let it talk to you, and you could talk back to it, and in that way save thousands in therapy.  Anyone know anybody who could help me with the sewing/design part of this?  I need an Inner Wisdom Guide puppet.  Bad.

4.  Dark Chocolate-covered Pomegranate berries.  Right up there with Pretzel Thins, but at the other end of the taste spectrum.  Serving size?  20.  Srsly? Twenty?  Yep. Must be a full moon thing.

Not feeling the least bit hungry now.  Tomorrow the moon begins to wane. Thank god.