Eating Little Tastes of Food Is Good

Recently I updated my computer’s operating system to Lion and tonight I just tried to upload a picture and IPhoto doesn’t work anymore.

This is REALLY DISTURBING!  I have become really attached to IPhoto ever since I got my MacBook Pro and I have spent a lot of time in there organizing pictures into Events, and putting Faces on people, and now it crashes every time I open it. I fear I will lose all my work. I have all the pictures on my photo card still, so it’s not like I will lose my photos, but I will lose my albums and all the organizing I’ve done to over 600 pictures.

If any of you Mac geeks out there know anything about this, please comment and let me know. I’d appreciate it

I was going to put a picture of the Mexican Cosmo I had at The Cellar where we went tonight for dinner.

I love to eat at Wine and Tapas bars, and that’s what The Cellar is.  We started with cocktails, and proceded to have little nibbles of different kinds of food: a little artichoke fondue, teriyaki chicken skewers, potstickers and I had a cup of butternut squash apple soup.  It was the perfect amount of food and the variety of tastes and textures was absolutely delightful.

What I find disturbing in most restaurants these days is the gross amount of food that is served.  When the waitress puts a dinner plate the size of Montana in front of me, I can’t help but wonder who this food is meant to serve. Me and what army?

Some people will recommend a restaurant by saying: “And the portions are AMAZING!” When I hear that, I know that that is NOT my kind of restaurant. Portion size should not be the thing that recommends a place.

I know some people say that they can eat there, and then take a whole meal home with them, but I don’t want to take food home when I go out to eat.  I find restaurant food leftovers distasteful. I don’t even want to open that styro box the next day. I don’t even like it when I have a lot of homemade food leftover.  Leftovers have lost “the life force” according to Ayurveda, and should be avoided, and I must say, I have to agree.

As this is turning out to be a restaurant review post, apparently, I would also like to give a big shout-out to Just a Taste in Ithaca, NY which is my very FAVORITE tapas place.  I love their food, and they also have really interesting flights of wine, which is heavenly.

I really wish I could show you that picture of the Mexican Cosmo I had tonight, but now I have to go and try to figure out what’s going on with Iphoto.

November One-to-One

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This past weekend we took a fun + business-y little over-nighter trip to Rochester.  I had an appointment on Saturday at the Apple store for a lesson on podcasting.

People have asked me from time to time to make a yoga CD that they can use at home when they can’t get to class.  I like that idea, but I like the idea of podcasts better because they are easier, they can be short and sweet, and I can change up the routines all the time.  Unlike a CD which has only one workout, with podcasts my students can have access to lots of “mini” classes. And best of all, I can offer them for free.

When I bought my Mac just about a year ago, I was really nervous about transitioning from years of working with PCs.  Turns out there was nothing to worry about.  And although I am sure I am not exploiting all the wonders of my MacBook Pro, I’m definitely getting there.

The guy at Apple who gave me my “One on One” lesson was great.  Not only did he know the program (Garage Band) but he knew how to teach it to me.

That’s a really important distinction, too, because a person can be the most talented programmer, or guitar player, or chess master in the world and not know thing one about how to teach that skill to another person.

In order to teach, you have to know how to break the material down into easily digestible bites so your student can absorb it.  Otherwise he or she will just sit there being wowed by how much YOU know about your instrument or whatever, but never learn how to do it, or play it herself.

Because of the excellent teaching of Brian, I think I can actually do a podcast now. And it was fun learning!

And speaking of “digestible bites,” we took a little “time-out” from The Cleanse while we were away.  We had our usual big meal at lunch time at P.F.Chang‘s, a Chinese place, where we really didn’t go off the plan at all, but then at The Bonefish Grill we had wine with dinner, and then dessert.  It tasted really good, and best all there were no gastrointestinal repercussions afterwards.

The official end of the cleanse is this Friday, but I will probably continue with it.  I feel like an old pro at this now.  By the middle of last week, I was feeling absolutely no cravings for anything and I was just starting to see results in the mirror.  It feels stupid to quit now, just at the beginning of the “dramatic results.”

One thing I have learned this time through Clean is that if I want to see dramatic results in my body, I have to strength train.  No two ways about it.  Must be done.  My fancy scale is showing a significant weight drop, but my body fat percentage hasn’t moved at all.

That’s gotta change.  I have to stop crying whenever I so much as think about lifting.  Why does lifting weights make me feel like I’m being unfairly punished?? I need to get to the bottom of that one.  Quick!




New Computer

Today I got my new computer and I’m working on it now. I got a MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop.  It’s sweet, but it feels weird.  The touch of the keys is really different, and I kinda miss the grime and the filth and the crumbs in between the keys of my Dell.

I’ll get used to this clean, pristine machine eventually, I suppose.

(Oh, but the best part is that on this machine all the keys are backlit, so when the crumbs fall, I’ll actually be able to see them.)

I am feeling a little frustrated because I can’t play with (and learn it!) t as much as I want to because I have stuff to do before we leave tomorrow for Portland, but at least I’m packed.

I’m SO looking forward to getting out of town. I need a change of venue, a new environment; I need to have an adventure!  I need to see my daughter!

We’ll be laying over in Detroit and Salt Lake City on the way out, and Minneapolis and Detroit on the way home.  I will be blogging from the road tomorrow. I hope to take a lot of pictures.

Ira has the flu.  He has it bad. He decided today he just could not go.  Just the prospect of running around airports and sitting in crowded planes was exhausting. So he’s going to stay home and lay low and try to beat this thing. It’s just G and I this time.  It sucks, but at least he got to see Em last month when he was out there for a conference.

So, until tomorrow, sweet dreams!