New Computer

Today I got my new computer and I’m working on it now. I got a MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop.  It’s sweet, but it feels weird.  The touch of the keys is really different, and I kinda miss the grime and the filth and the crumbs in between the keys of my Dell.

I’ll get used to this clean, pristine machine eventually, I suppose.

(Oh, but the best part is that on this machine all the keys are backlit, so when the crumbs fall, I’ll actually be able to see them.)

I am feeling a little frustrated because I can’t play with (and learn it!) t as much as I want to because I have stuff to do before we leave tomorrow for Portland, but at least I’m packed.

I’m SO looking forward to getting out of town. I need a change of venue, a new environment; I need to have an adventure!  I need to see my daughter!

We’ll be laying over in Detroit and Salt Lake City on the way out, and Minneapolis and Detroit on the way home.  I will be blogging from the road tomorrow. I hope to take a lot of pictures.

Ira has the flu.  He has it bad. He decided today he just could not go.  Just the prospect of running around airports and sitting in crowded planes was exhausting. So he’s going to stay home and lay low and try to beat this thing. It’s just G and I this time.  It sucks, but at least he got to see Em last month when he was out there for a conference.

So, until tomorrow, sweet dreams!

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