Not Your Mother’s Yoga

I was cruising down State St in Ithaca after my lunch with Zee and there was a sandwich board on the street announcing a new yoga studio: Mighty Yoga.

It obviously caught my eye and I picked up the flyer.  It’s a Power Yoga place and their tag line?  “Not your mother’s yoga.”

They are obviously marketing to the college students who want more from their yoga class than an easy stretch class followed by savasana.

Mighty Yoga.

Power Yoga.

Bring a water bottle and towel it said.  I know what’s going to happen there: Lot’s of suns and vinyasa with some advanced asanas thrown in to scare you, humble you, and make you respect it so you’ll come back next time just to see if you can do it.

But my question is this: why isn’t this for your mother?  Who’s mother are they referring to here?  Because I have plenty of mothers (and some grandmothers) in my classes who can do Power Yoga with advanced asanas, sun sequences, killer vinyasas and they don’t even blink.  Most of them never need a towel.

Not your mother’s yoga?  Must be pretty lame-o yoga, then.

They’ve obviously never seen a Power Mother.  Now I’m fantasizing about taking a bunch of my (ahem) “mothers” to crash that Mighty  Let’s take these Mighty Yoga pups to school, muthahs!

“Not your mother’s yoga” indeed.  Pth.