Portland. Day 1

He’s getting used to us. Here is G feeding him breakfast:

And Dude begging.

Then we went and scoped out the new house and the new neighborhood. There’s a playground practically in their backyard. Obie is a bit too young for anything but the baby swings, so I tried out the rest of it for him. There are some pretty terrifying pieces of equipment in that playground, but this wasn’t one of them (despite my apparent breathlessness coming down a baby slide.)


Next we went to the Rose Garden where Emily and Scott got married June 21st 8 years ago, even though Scott thought it was 7 years ago. 

This is Obie just seconds before he was attacked by viscious rose water. 

Sadly, this encounter with these pink arbor roses did not end well. They were wet and when he let go of them, they swung back and he got hit with a face full of water. Don’t trust roses, Obie. They’re pretty, but they’re bitches.

After lunch and a nap, we went to Thinker Toys in Multnomah Village for something new. He really wanted the revolving Disco Ball on the ceiling, but settled for this shape sorter. We also discovered that, oddly enough, he doesn’t like toys that bite. Go figure.

All he wants to do is hold your hand and walk you around. Let’s just say I hit my 10K step goal.


A few games of Corn Hole and then during Happy Hour Scott gave me a Uke lesson. 


Tomorrow the party moves to the coast. 

Good times.


The Alarm is set for 3:30 AM

Our flight leaves at 7 AM tomorrow morning which means we have to be there by 6, which means we have to leave here by 5, which means we have to get up before the ass-crack of dawn.

It’s okay though. I’d rather do it this way than get in to Portland at 10 PM. This way we land before noon, giving us the whole day there. I love flying west and gaining those 3 hours. Similarly, I hate flying back east and losing them.

I am all packed, and the house is cleaned, and the house-sitter has been de-briefed on last minute stuff today.

I am also feeling very grateful to my 2 very adept yoga teachers who will be keeping the studio open while I am gone. Sandy will be teaching Happy Hour tomorrow and Gentle on Tuesday, and Shelly will be teaching Power Yoga on Monday. I would love to take those classes. (I always miss my studio when I go away.) My practice will probably take a break as well.

I have built all my  vacations this summer as no-writing times, but I’m taking my notebook anyway. You never know.

I do plan to keep this blog streak going, so I will be posting every day while I’m there, and I hope to take lots of pictures as well.

I got a message from one of my readers this morning that this site is wonky for him. My links are dead, for example, and my side-bar widgets have disappeared as well as the comment block at the end of the post.

If you are NOT experiencing this, would you do me a favor and let me know in the comments below? (Obviously, if you are experiencing this you can’t comment.)

I contacted WordPress this morning and they told me to clear my cache, but that didn’t solve the problem. I didn’t have time to follow up with them today, but I hope to during the week. It’s frustrating when the site starts acting strangely and I can’t figure out why.

Okay, I am off to bed. 5 hours sleep isn’t much, but tomorrow I will be sleeping in Portland! I can’t wait.

I get to hug OBIE!!

I Never Know What to Write About

The question of the moment is: Should I sit here and continue to eat refined carbohydrates and drink coffee, or go to Wegmans for green juice supplies?

OR: Should I stop eating refined carbohydrates and go up and meditate first, and then go to Wegmans for green juice supplies?

OR: Should I put on a James Altucher podcast and clean the house, then go for my Power Walk, and then go to Wegmans for green juice supplies?

OR: Should I write about how there were 22 people for Happy Hour Yoga last night and I had a freakin’ blast?

OR: Should I write about the Yoga Challenge which is in Day 5, and how I heard someone ask another person: “Are you yoga challenged?”

(“Why, yes. Yes I am.”)

This is what the wall looks like in the lounge:

Yoga Challenged

OR: Maybe I should complain write about the weather. Now that would be novel and interesting.

Winter face in spring

OR: Maybe I should write about how Spring lifted up her skirt and let us catch a glimpse of her panties the other day, and I saw it and captured it:


But then she put her long johns back on and pretended like it never happened.

OR: Maybe I should write about how we found a new place to eat in Corning that serves green food and we were so happy!

(This is G pounding wheatgrass shots and my salad.)

Pretty salad

G drinks wheat grass









And what would a post be without a picture of the miraculous Obie? Em took him to “Mommy and Baby” class and clearly he had too much to drink.


Obie: Done.

OR: Maybe, now that I’ve procrastinated long enough by writing this post and my  blood glucose levels are dropping precariously, I should go to Wegmans for green juice supplies.

Obie Brenny

What’s amping my vibe at the moment? This little guy:


Obie Brenny.

All swaddled up on his way home from the hospital.

He is all I can think about. My new, (and first!) grandchild.

He was born on March 25th. That sweater he’s wearing is the same one his mother wore on her way home from the hospital.

The only downside (for me) is that he lives in Portland, Oregon (but for him, that is cool!) But it means that I won’t get to see him until May (which sucks), but by then he will be 2 months old and more alert and responsive. (That’s the story I am consoling myself with at the moment.)

Here he is with his mother, my beautiful daughter:


And here he is with his Dad:


I never thought of myself as a “grandmother.” 

I don’t really know how to be one. ButI think it involves giving lots of presents. And treats. And having no rules. And being flexible enough to be able to be wrapped around a child’s little finger.

All my years of yoga should help with that.