Obie Brenny

What’s amping my vibe at the moment? This little guy:


Obie Brenny.

All swaddled up on his way home from the hospital.

He is all I can think about. My new, (and first!) grandchild.

He was born on March 25th. That sweater he’s wearing is the same one his mother wore on her way home from the hospital.

The only downside (for me) is that he lives in Portland, Oregon (but for him, that is cool!) But it means that I won’t get to see him until May (which sucks), but by then he will be 2 months old and more alert and responsive. (That’s the story I am consoling myself with at the moment.)

Here he is with his mother, my beautiful daughter:


And here he is with his Dad:


I never thought of myself as a “grandmother.” 

I don’t really know how to be one. ButI think it involves giving lots of presents. And treats. And having no rules. And being flexible enough to be able to be wrapped around a child’s little finger.

All my years of yoga should help with that. 






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