Giving Up Procrastination For Lent

Drowning man

I was going to do something for Lent, but never got around to deciding what.

I don’t want to “give up” anything; I want to add something.

I want a new challenge, a new activity, a new project.

I did the digital declutter in January and started a book club in February, now I really need something for March.

I could (re)commit to Edna’s O (my new reference book about endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine, anandamide, serotonin and oxytocin) and say: FIRST DRAFT: By Easter I’ll have a first draft.

I could do that, but it doesn’t meet one of my Project-Driven Life criteria for a new project. It doesn’t check the “excitement” box.  And it really needs to. Or else I’m not going to be happy.

At the same time, I also realize that happiness isn’t a requirement for a worthwhile and enriching project.

I realize too that happiness requires struggle. (I wholly subscribe to that Stoic tenant. I do.)

But, I also need stim every day, even painful stim, if necessary. I want to feel as amped doing my work, as I will for having done it.

And truthfully?  This research really does excite me —once I’m in hip deep. So why all this sissy toe-dangling at the beginning? All this reluctance to get wet?

Once I’m in I know I’ll be fine, happy as a clam in fact. But it’s the anticipation of that head-hitting-the-water dive into the deep end every day that stops me, that fuels my procrastination. That’s the real struggle, not the actual work.

So I resist. But not for the next 6 weeks. No!  For the next 6 weeks I’m going to slay the resistance monster, make it numero uno on my To-Do List every day.

Might also be a good time to re-read The War of Art, and find an accountability partner.

Any takers?

Because Blogging is Less Painful than Cleaning.

I am going to start cleaning my room today. Which is why I am writing here. After thousands of days of not writing here.

There is nothing like the prospect of encountering the complicated clutter of my room to get my blogging fingers moving again.

Yeah, Resistance Monster. I am taking off one of your many hydra-heads today. Here ya go, buddy. Bam.

What I am trying to decide is what my strategy should be.

I have a lot of books about de-cluttering. “Start small,” they all advise.

But here’s what I am afraid of with that approach. If I start small, I will get involved in minutia. I know myself. I will take out the labeler. And as soon as I take out the labeler, I am doomed. I will get involved with devising systems and making maps and reading through things, and I will never get out.

Instead, I think I need to blow up the whole goddam room. Really. Take everything out in hurricane of Tasmanian Devil energy fueled by the Pomodoro Technique, and then slowly put back only the things that I want in there.

But first, I should take pictures.  Yeah. Pictures are always good. Like those BEFORE, and AFTER shots dieters love.

Come to think of it, I could probably get a whole series of blog posts out of this project.  It could even be a  THEME!   Themes are good for blogs, right?

Wait. This was supposed to be about cleaning my room, not blogging.

I really do want to to de-clutter my room. Well, not really. What I really want is to have a clean and de-cluttered room.


Without having to actually do it.

I don’t know…

I think I should go to the liquor store.

For boxes.

And gin.