Adding A New Worksheet To My Day

I’ve spent a lot of time today trying to figure out how I am going to do all the things I want to do, have committed to doing, and all the things I am currently “streaking.”

It’s all coming together nicely, I think, except for 2 small things: sleeping and bathing.

If it weren’t for sleeping and bathing, and to some extent, eating, I would be golden.

I cannot for the life of me find slots for those two things in my day. Maybe if I were better at Excel I could add another sheet? Another workbook? (Seriously, I need a lot of help with Excel. If any of you Excel wizards could give me a few lessons, I would love to schedule that in.)

Oh wait. Maybe not. Sleep and bathing. Focus, Kath.

So here’s one scenario: Home from class around 8 PM, maybe earlier if I’m lucky. Do I have a light snack and go directly to bed and get up early and shower? Or, do I take a nice hot bath, have a glass of wine, and sleep a little longer in the morning?

In both scenarios I am not getting enough sleep, it’s just a matter of figuring out if the night shower/bath will energize me too much to sleep? And if the morning shower will be too jarring given I have to take it practically in the middle of the night, (which is now called “morning.”)

Oh, hand to brow! Me and my (first world) problems!


The Importance of Sleep

Once again, I write about sleep.  That’s because I don’t get enough,  so my whole day becomes an exercise in energy management.  It’s like when your gas tank is *this close* to empty and you are far from a gas station so you try to coast down hills, and drive waaaay under the speed limit to conserve.  Every mile you make it becomes a small victory.  Every mile is one you don’t have to walk carrying your gas can.

I have a lot of “required miles” in my day.  I have my personal “disciplines,” as well as commitments I have made to other people  to be certain places at certain times and have my “A” game on.

So when I am coasting, and driving waaay under the speed limit, I am not living the way I want to be living, or serving to my best ability.

This morning for example, I got up and taught the AM yoga class, came home drank my juice, did my meditation then sat down for my morning write and totally bonked.

I literally could not see: the fog in my brain was so dense, so thick, it took everything I had to just find my pen and uncap it.

It felt like a breakdown on the side of the road.  So I took my gas can and walked over to my bed, put on my Holosync headphones, and took a deep refreshing “holo-snooze for an hour.

Afterwards, I was back on the road again, tank full.  I picked up the pen and wrote like an Indy  racer for 2 hours.  Vrooommm!!  And it felt great.

Now I know that when my night sleep hours number less than 6, I need to build a nap into my day.

It’s dangerous to hitch on the side of the road these days.

Day 14: Sleep

Today’s Yoga Challenge topic is: Sleep.

Here’s the scenario: You can only come to 6 AM yoga due to your schedule, but when the alarm goes off you’re exhausted because you only got 4 or 5 hours sleep.

What do you do?

Some scenarios:

You don’t even hear the alarm, so you never make it to class.


You do drag your sorry ass out of bed and get to class, but then walk around like a zombie the rest of the day.

So what’s the answer?

You want to know what I think?

Your discipline is not getting up, it’s getting down.  Into the covers.  At a reasonable hour.  It’s all about what you do the night before.  The discipline does not involve getting up.  The discipline involves going  to bed.  Early.

So if your alarm rings and you’ve only gotten 5 or fewer hours sleep, admit defeat and don’t get up.  Sleep in.

Because sleep is the key to happiness, equanimity, beauty, and compassion.

Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, is a one-way ticket to hell.  When you are sleep deprived the world is an ugly place filled with monsters and gargoyles and wicked witches and flying monkeys. Everyone has it in for you. You get a flat tire, spill your coffee on your best pants, trip on the steps and sprain your ankle, and bounce a check.

Because when you are sleep deprived the world is just a gauntlet of pain. When you’ve only had 4 hours sleep, there are jagged edges around the perimeters of the day ready to slash you to ribbons if you so much as look at them.

Am I right about this?? Am I right??

So if you want to come to early class, resolve go to bed in time to allow for no less than 7 hours sleep, (hopefully more.)

The discipline is the going to bed early,  not the waking up early.

And on that note,

Good night.

Not Chuck

Sleep is my beauty secret.

So now you know.  With enough sleep I sparkle.  My mind is sharp and I say witty things, (bon mots, if you must know.)

Without enough sleep I almost back the car out of the garage before opening the garage door.

Without enough sleep, there isn’t enough concealer in the world to hide the bags under my eyes.

Without enough sleep I can be mean.

I have been sitting her for most of the evening trying to think of something to write about (this blog is a streak thing, so I have to post.  Otherwise I would have just taken the night off.)

You know, right?  And the things she makes her dog, Chuck endure?

So this is not Chuck.  This is Boomer.  This took 8 tries.

Now, I must get my beauty sleep.


My brain is fried, my toe is fractured, and my head aches.  Not enough sleep, and too much life lived with enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm with no foundation.

The foundation of life is rest.  Without rest, no action is possible.  (Well, it’s possible, but there is a price.)  And the price is brain fog, headaches and irritability.

Yep, that was me today.  I’ve been doing intervals on the treadmill almost everyday, trying to boost my metabolism and burn fat.  In the process I developed a stress fracture in my toe.  Now my 3rd and 4th toes are taped together, buddy-toe style.  The third toe is carrying the fourth toe around until it gets better.

I woke up with seriously unfinished dreams this morning and went to yoga with my fractured toe, taped to its buddy.  No jump backs today.

I also worked out with Tim at the gym and developed a killer headache at the end of my workout.  I believe it’s the lack of sleep.

People don’t still brag about how little sleep they can get by on anymore, do they?  Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours a night.  (I skew towards 9).


Did you know that a single night of sleep deprivation can depress your immune system (this from Prevention Magazine.)

I believe it.  My immune system totally felt depressed today.

That’s why I’m going to bed now.

Good night.

I Forgot About Sleep

The other day I wrote a post called the 3 Things That Nourish Me. This morning I woke up and realized I had forgotten THE most important nourisher of all, that thing without which I don’t even have a mouth to eat with, a tongue to swallow or teeth to chew.  No nourishment of any kind can pass my lips unless I get SLEEP.

And lots of it.  With 9 hours under my belt, I’m a world beater.  With 8, I can manage.  7 or less? I am like a chihuahua with a toothache.  Don’t so much as look at me the wrong way or I’ll bite your head off with my little pin teeth.

I thought of sleep this morning because when I woke up at 7:30 AM after 9 hours I felt  incredible.  I had been scraping along with 6 and a half hours for the previous 10 days and I was fried.  It was just sheer luck that everything and everyone had behaved this week. (thank you).

My usual wake-up time is 4:30 AM, and no matter what time I go to bed, I always wake up at that time.  On days when I don’t have to get up at 4:30 (like this morning) I indulge  in some serious dozing.

I allow my mind to float and drift directionless and free. This is prime time for rumination and fantasy, for thought experiments and impractical solutions.  This is a highly creative time for me and it nourishes me deeply. And when I am deprived of it for too many days in a row?  I suffer.

This morning I caught up on some much needed sleeping and dozing and it made all the difference in the world.