I Forgot About Sleep

The other day I wrote a post called the 3 Things That Nourish Me. This morning I woke up and realized I had forgotten THE most important nourisher of all, that thing without which I don’t even have a mouth to eat with, a tongue to swallow or teeth to chew.  No nourishment of any kind can pass my lips unless I get SLEEP.

And lots of it.  With 9 hours under my belt, I’m a world beater.  With 8, I can manage.  7 or less? I am like a chihuahua with a toothache.  Don’t so much as look at me the wrong way or I’ll bite your head off with my little pin teeth.

I thought of sleep this morning because when I woke up at 7:30 AM after 9 hours I felt  incredible.  I had been scraping along with 6 and a half hours for the previous 10 days and I was fried.  It was just sheer luck that everything and everyone had behaved this week. (thank you).

My usual wake-up time is 4:30 AM, and no matter what time I go to bed, I always wake up at that time.  On days when I don’t have to get up at 4:30 (like this morning) I indulge  in some serious dozing.

I allow my mind to float and drift directionless and free. This is prime time for rumination and fantasy, for thought experiments and impractical solutions.  This is a highly creative time for me and it nourishes me deeply. And when I am deprived of it for too many days in a row?  I suffer.

This morning I caught up on some much needed sleeping and dozing and it made all the difference in the world.

One thought on “I Forgot About Sleep

  1. Wow! That is so “me” to a T too! I thought 9 hours was too much/odd. But, if YOU prefer 9 hours too, then I am just going to embrace it!!! Thanks for giving me “permission” to be “OK” with my 9-hours-of-slumber! ALSO, I LOVE that early-morning-creative-time too … I call it “between ‘scape and wake” … as in, the time between dreamscape & waking … it’s so so lusciously creative! However, I don’t fully embrace it every morn as I should. Thanks for this little post of yours, I am going to rethink/re-ponder/re-dream/renew my slumbering/creating time … Thanks Kath!


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