A Letter From My Self

This past New Year’s Eve I hosted a free Yoga Nidra class at my studio.  A whole bunch of cool people showed up, even though the day was bitter cold, and it had even snowed a few hours before, and the roads were very much less than ideal.  I remember I even thought of cancelling it at one point.

But I didn’t.

And all these cool people showed up: regulars, friends of regulars, and a guy I met in a store a few days before and invited.

After I guided them in, and then out of Yoga Nidra (which is a very deep relaxation, very trancey, very hypnogogic) I set them all up with pens, paper, envelopes, and lap desks and invited them to write a letter to themselves.

I asked them to channel their Inner Wisdom Guides, that voice inside them that has been with them since the day they were born.

That voice inside that knows why they were born, and what they were born to do, and is trying, desperately trying, to communicate that info, but can never get through because we are too busy, or distracted, or just stubbornly refuse to pay attention to it.

But now, in this slowed-down, trancey, receptive yoga nidra state, it might have a chance to be heard.

I told them to write, “Dear (their name here)” and let their IWG (Inner Wisdom Guide) take the pen.

When they were done, they were to fold their paper, put it in the envelope, seal it, address it to themselves, and give it to me and I would mail it to them on the first day of spring.

I did it too.

Yesterday, the first day of spring, my letter arrived.

First, I must say, it is very weird to get a letter from yourself.  There it is, this envelope among the other mail, and you recognize the handwriting immediately, (whaaa?), but it takes a few seconds to register, “Ahhhh,  the letter.”

I took mine to my Space Chair. As I opened it I could hear birds singing.  The night I wrote it, I heard nothing.  Maybe wind. Or cars driving slowly on snow.  What did I write that night?  I really couldn’t remember.  I was in a trance.

Here is part of my letter:

Dear Kath,

Think about your Commandments.  Not the “Thou shalt nots” but the the “Thou shalls.”

Thou shall be kind.

Thou shall look in the eyes of others and see there you own eyes.

Thou shall be focused of mind and strong of body.

Thou shall take care of yourself and of everyone you love.

Thou shall forgive.

Thou shall be patient.

Thou shall write thy book.

Thou shall write thy truth.

Thou shall create beauty and order in your surroundings.

Thou shall express gratitude daily.

Thou shall develop sweetness and kindness and focus and strength.

Thou shall practice incessantly, with reverence, for a long time.

Thou shall be an agent of change.

Thou shall expand the sphere of thy concerns.

Thou shall not worry about outer geography.

Thou shall travel deeply inward and that will take you everywhere you want to go.

Thou shall know thyself.

Thou shall be intense.

Thou shall be disciplined.

Thou shall pause often.

Thou shall love everything extravagantly!

I love you!

That’s what inspired me today.

7 thoughts on “A Letter From My Self

  1. I love the new blog, Kath! I just discovered it today. The letter to yourself was a lovely idea. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write something to myself later today – this first day of spring – to be delivered the first day of winter.


  2. Thanks Crystal! Yeah, the letter to self is definitely a winner. Put it in an envelope, give it to Rick and tell him to mail it to you on the Summer Solstice (the first day of winter is too long to wait!).


  3. Hurrah for the new blog! I can’t believe you didn’t share the move sooner, though: It looks like you have done quite a bit of posting already! Consider yourself RSS’d on my LiveJournal…I look forward to the flow of inspiration!


    1. So great you will be following me here at my new home! I wanted to get some content up before I announced. What’s the sense sending people here if there’s nothing to read, eh? I need YOU to inspire ME!! Keep up the good work!


  4. Hey Kath … I just read this one and really enjoyed it. I love the idea of a list of “Thou shalls” … I am curious about the meaning of one of yours:

    Thou shall not worry about outer geography.

    Is that related to this one?

    Thou shall travel deeply inward and that will take you everywhere you want to go.


    1. Hi Cindy,
      The backstory to the “outer geography” thing is that I am always questioning whether this town is my true home, or maybe I should I move, and where is my tribe, yadda, yadda, yadda. So my inner wisdom was telling me: don’t worry about where you are in terms of “physical geography.” Rather, look inward and locate yourself *there* and the physical geography will take care of itself.

      Thanks for reading!


      1. Oh, I love that. That is good wisdom.

        PS I think you are exactly where you need to be … beating the drum you need to be beating … and calling in your tribe on a regular basis … you are a Mansfield medicine woman!


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