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Time Challenged

I have been really time challenged lately due to this 30 Day Yoga Challenge I am running at my studio.  It’s so inspiring though!  I have a list, a backlog of stuff I will write about in May.  But this morning I found this on a Twitter and it is so wonderful I had to post it for the day’s inspiration.  I hope it embeds and doesn’t give me fits.

Here goes:


I’m a small town yoga teacher who says motherfucker a lot. I hate anything woo. I’m into neuroscience. And facts. I’ll lead the chanting of “om” sometimes, but it makes me feel awkward. I want to access flow states. As far as yoga helps me do that, I’m into it. Dopamine is my fave neurotransmitter. Don’t tell anyone I told you this.

5 thoughts on “Time Challenged

  1. Hi Kath,
    I sat with Abram this afternoon (5 years old) and we both giggled repeatedly as we watched baby-led yoga. I relished hearing “play it again mom” over and over. Thanks!


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