Walking the Yard

Yesterday I taught my 6 AM yoga class, lifted weights with Tim at the gym, spent an hour with Holosync. Then I took a 30 minute killer Spin class with Amy, ate lunch, did some housework while listening to the This American Life podcast, showered, and taught my 5:30 yoga class.

This morning I put on some Cat Stevens and yoga-ed into this blue, beachy-feeling morning, and now I am heading out to run steps or hike up the killer hill in order to break my Mandatory Sweat of The Day before my noon class in Wellsboro.

Life feels full and good and sweet.

It is high summer and the daisies are blooming wild in the fields.  This weekend there is a Growers Market and on Sunday I will spend some time in Ithaca reconnecting with my dear friend Zee.

As I write this, Mojito mint is blooming in a planter on the deck, alongside two kinds of parsley.  The tomato plants have baby tomatoes on them, and the pepper plants have baby peppers, too.

In the evening, after dinner, we “Walk the Yard.”  “Walking the Yard” gives me a chance to check on things and to tell them how much I appreciate and love them: the day lilies, the sweet woodruff, the purple hosta flowers, the soft pinkness of the sky after the sun has set.

Walking the Yard at day’s end is a lullaby, a soft sigh, a fitting end to a perfect summer day.

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