Leverage This

I came back from vacation with this idea: I need to get fit. More fit.

This will involve keeping up my workouts with Tim, running the steps, doing what I call the “Killer Hiller”—a steep uphill climb behind Hemlock on the MU campus.

But I also realized that, in addition, I could leverage my ordinary, banal, chore-filled life to support my fitness.  This means not piling things on the steps to be taken up in one big trip, but taking things up the steps one by one, as they need to go up.

This means walking or biking to the studio.

This means looking for heavy things to lift around the house: laundry baskets, weeding buckets, garbage cans.

In short, using my non-working out life, to support my fitness goals.

That was the game plan.  I was psyched.

But the day after I got home, I came down with something.  A little fever, sinus congestion, and today, (yay), a cough.

It’s like the universe is saying: Leverage this, Kath!

So instead of looking for things to ramp up my activity level, I am looking to ramp down. I am seeking out the couch, the bed, the book, the blanket, the warm comfort of  a computer on my lap.

I know the universe is testing my commitment, throwing a roadblock in my way, trying to scare me off with this threshold guardian of sickness..

But I see it, and I’m calling it out.  I haven’t figured out how to leverage this sickness into physical fitness, but I am definitely leveraging it into some serious self-nurturing.

3 thoughts on “Leverage This

  1. Kathleen,
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you feel much better real soon.I wouldn’t worry about the banal chores for now. I tell myself that under all the dust, my furniture etc is spotless.Does Hemlock Hill have AC? Just reading about climbing it – I broke into a sweat. Take Care…get plenty of rest.


    1. Catherine,
      Thanks for the well wishes! If you would send me your snail mail address (via email) I would love to send you a card about housework I think you’d enjoy.


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