Thought Experiment

I know a lot of people who don’t like their jobs.  I know some that can’t stand their jobs.  I know a few who can’t even bear to get out of bed in the morning they hate their job so much.

You know what I wish?

I wish that every single person who is just putting in time, phoning it in, doing it for the paycheck, could take a month off.  During that month, they would not be allowed to stay home and veg., but would be transported to a deserted island where they would have shelter and food, but no TV or internet or electronics or human interaction.  They would have access to a good library.

During this month off their only goal would be to discover what they were put on this earth to do. They would have to decide what they wanted to do with their “one wild and precious life.”  Then, once back in the real world, they would be mandated to do it.

During that month away they would learn to be courageous and insistent. They would learn to speak their truth, to value their life.

Really, now.  Wouldn’t that change everything?  Everyone off on retreat for a month? Everyone who hates their job getting “re-set,” as it were?  Put back on the proper trajectory?

Unhappy businessmen could then be farmers or painters or auto detailers.  Unhappy teachers could be river guides or B&B owners or dog trainers.  Unhappy waiters could be camp counselors or actors or dentists.

The highest priority in the culture would not be how much money you made, but how aligned you were with your dharma, your inner calling, your soul.

Everything would change.


4 thoughts on “Thought Experiment

  1. You are sooo right. I bet I was one of those people you knew that hated their job! I am happy to say I love where I am now. No job and still figuring out the next path but happy happy happy.


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