The Summer To-Do List Wrap Up

On Memorial Day I created a “To Do” list for this summer.  Now that the days of summer are quickly dwindling *sniff*  here’s how I did:

  • Go to the beach (done)
  • Kayak (done)
  • Hike Golden Eagle Trail (most of it, but I had to sneak out the back way, so not completely.)
  • Visit Letchworth State Park
  • Taste beer/wine on Seneca Lake
  • Plant a veggie garden (done)
  • Work on the meditation garden (done)
  • Enjoy the chiminea (done)
  • Throw a party (done)
  • Enjoy coffee and sunrise on the beach (done)
  • Get into awesome shape
  • Hit golf balls
  • Play a par 3 course or 9 holes of golf
  • Try a new restaurant or bar (done)
  • Rock the djembes (done)
  • Have a yard sale (done)
  • Practice the 80/20 Principle (done)
  • Keep up this blog
  • Plant a tree
  • Fly the kite (done)
  • Go on a spontaneous adventure (done) (drove to Phila to pick up chairs at Ikea)
  • Bike the length of the Rails to Trails (done)

7 things still to do, out of 22.  Not too bad.  And all the things left are eminently do-able in the next month.

Now I’m starting to think about a Fall/Winter To-Do list.  Only “fun” things, though.  No chores.

10 thoughts on “The Summer To-Do List Wrap Up

  1. I simply adore Letchworth State Park.. every time I go there, I leave feeling renewed. It’s been a favorite spot of mine since childhood, and I hope you get to make it there soon!


  2. The entrance to Letchworth is where I grew up, Mt. Morris, NY so Letchworth was my playground. Lots of fun memories. You should go look at the Mary Jemison burial ground. Very serene. Then go walk around the Glen Iris Inn. Lovely restaurant near the lower falls. You can have a drink on the porch and listen to the water.


    1. Catherine,
      ooh, thanks for the tips! If you think of any more “must see, must do” things, let me know.


  3. Oh, this is inspirational! Love it! Thanks for sharing! ALSO: did you take the monarch-on-beach photo?!?! I LOVE IT!!! It makes me want to WEEP. I have a huge monarch-connection. I will need to tell you about it some time. HUGS


    1. Cindy,
      No, I did not take the monarch picture. My friend Edith Gallagher, who has a terrific eye, is responsible for all the pics on this blog. I too have a deep connection w/ monarchs. Would love to hear your story.


  4. Kathleen,
    Is the “*sniff*” because of your cold or because summer days are dwindling, or both?
    How are you feeling – over the worst of it?. I hope so.
    I need to google a few words from your “to-do” and been there-done that” list.:-)


  5. Hmmmm. Making lists. I makes lists all the time but I can’t say that I ever made a seasonal list. Interesting. Hmmm. Gonna have to make one for myself. But all fun things? My lists are usually for stuff that needs to be done. This will take some thinking.


  6. Kathleen,
    Now that I know what a chiminea is, I think I will have to get me one. 🙂 Oh, the things I learn from reading your blogs…thank you ever so much.


  7. Here’s my goals for 2009. A very short list:

    Sell my Gardiner house – done!

    Make a SET of pasta bowls in pottery – it will be a challenge to make several bowls that are similar enough alike to look like a set – done!

    Spend more time kayaking – still doing this one but I’ve definitely spent more time kayaking this summer than last summer.

    Visit San Francisco and/or New Orleans – visited San Francisco last month – done!

    Write more poetry – work in progress but I’ve written more so far this year than all of last year so I guess I can say, done!

    Read more – ditto above – done! BTW, I highly recommend Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

    Exercise more – another work in progress but I’ve been having fun with my new recumbent bike so at least sorta done.

    Guess I need to make a new list for the rest of the year. Thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten the list was there.


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