I love blogs. I read a lot of them too, and am inspired and blown away by them.

On most of the blogs I read, I am what is known as a “lurker.”  I just read and never comment. I don’t know why, I just don’t.  But today I read a post and felt like responding to the writer, so I wrote her a little “fan” comment, telling her how much I enjoy her writing and the things she shares.

But when I hit “send” I got caught up in some registration crap that I didn’t have time to fill out, so I just aborted the comment. Now she’ll never know how much I like her blog.

I also won’t do the deciphering of the trippy letters to prove that I’m not a robot.  If your blogging software doesn’t allow your readers to comment freely (mediated comments are okay) on your blog, you really need to change platforms.

And this aborted comment episode was followed by a notification that someone was following me on Twitter.  But when I went to see this person’s profile in order to determine if I wanted to follow back, it was locked.  I had to send a “special request’ to see this person’s profile and ‘tweet” history.

No.  Not gonna do it.  It’s ridiculous.

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of Twitter??  If you have to ‘lock” your “Tweets” don’t even bother, will ya?  It’s ridiculous!  It’s social media, people!  If you want to have private conversations with selected people, just email them for goddsakes!  Don’t Twitter, you twit!

Oh, and while I’m on a rant here, here’s something that bugs me about Facebook.  Don’t write a status update that goes like this:  “Feeling really pissed today.”  Or: “I am so disappointed in life.”  Don’t do that, k?  If you express a strong emotion, good or bad, elaborate a little!  Don’t force people to feel like they have to ask, “What’s wrong?”  It’s a shameless bid for attention.  It’s what pouty first graders do. It’s juvenile.  Don’t update at all if you can’t elaborate, k?

(end of rant.)

So where was I?  Yes. Blogs.  I read quite a few, so tonight I finally got around to putting some of my daily reads on my sidebar under (what else?) “Blogroll.”

I wish all my friends would blog!  Some of them do, and I love them and listed them (mouse over the title of the blogs to read my little descriptions of them), as well as some really famous bloggers that you probably already know about.

If you happen to know of a blog you think I ought to check out, let me know, okay?

I am always looking for even more reasons to defer the really important and crucial task I should be doing.

2 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. good post. i lurk as well. one thing that i have noticed along the way though, especially with popular blogs, is that people don’t comment because they actually care about the post, but because they want to cross-promote their products or blog, and I don’t want to play that game.I do lock my twits, and its because some of the things that I say in my twits I don’t want google searchable…


    1. Ah, never considered the “google searchability” angle. And I know what you mean about all the self-promotion bullshit. It’s so transparent. As soon as they start in with that, I’m outy and want nothing to do with them. That’s why everyone should read Seth Godin.

      *thanks for coming out of the lurking shadows*


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